Off Topic: Omg, Kitaru is legal.

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Ineluctable_Entropy, 1 May 2011.

  1. He's no longer a "jail bait." :o

    It's his birthday.

    He is of legal age. :sowsuser:

  2. Hmm, this was a lot funnier when I was sleepy.
  3. Muf


  4. You mean he's of the legal drinking age. He's not been jail bait for three years already...
  5. SWR


    drunken tetris is only tetris.

    maybe that's why I can't break torikans...
  6. Drunktris Phantom Master here -- you rang? ;p
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  7. Well, it sure feels like he's jail bait half the fucking time. Can't do shit with him. >:(
  8. LMFAO
  10. Muf


    More like he was, right? You can completely have your way with him now that he's 21 :awe:
  11. Ok Kitaru, time for some..."doubles"...if you know what i mean :awe:

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