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Thread in 'Competition' started by mask, 11 Sep 2008.

  1. New information needs to be edited in if no one has replied. If you're worried about people not noticing your new information, you can just delete the last post you made and post a new one with the new information. That will bump the topic to the top. How come I'm the only one who thinks this way?
  2. tepples

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    Another problem with restricting double posting is that it makes moderators' jobs harder. Splitting a topic that has diverged becomes much more difficult when moderators can't split an individual post that talks about both the original topic and the tangent, like Ai's above.
  3. Yeah, but he could've done that anyway. People won't make two posts solely for that purpose.
  4. jujube

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    that makes sense. i'd still like to post each record in a new post though, so there'd be a timestamp for each breakthrough. you could indicate the date and time for each edit, but that sounds like too much work to me.

    impressive time Kevcel [​IMG]
  5. I remember the old SMF having a modification that would automatically merge double-posts, while updating the topic. Maybe there's a similar thing for phpBB?
  6. Sorry to get off topic, but...

    [Class]25 BLOCKS
    [Time]best17.593,average 19.547

    Woo hoo, beat my GF!
  7. jujube

    jujube Unregistered

    girlfriends are damn good at this game.
  8. I've improved:

  9. K


    funny game [​IMG]
    but need some serious training :p

    best :
    average :

  10. Muf


    Oh, sorry mask. Forgot to mention Wracky is from NLD.
  11. I give all the credits to Sandibaby...that is such an amazing time [​IMG]

    ps: Are we [guys] beaten by a girl [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]

    Come on, dudes! We can do it! [​IMG]

  12. New record: 11.480
    (25 blocks)
  13. TRIUMPH!

    [Class]25 BLOCKS
    [Time]best 16.520
  14. This list compared to the LJ leaderboard doesn't seem to correlate that well to tps at all.
    I played enough games to populate the whole list and got:

    [Class]25 BLOCKS
    [Time]best 18.409 s,average 20.298 s
  15. [Name]caffeine
    [Class]25 BLOCKS
    [Time]best 15.827
  16. [​IMG]

    [Class]25 BLOCKS
    [Time]best 14.633
  17. [Name]Kasumi
    [Class]120 Buttons
    [# of buttons]40, average 25ish
  18. I've got a question:
    Has the ''25-game'' been removed or so???

    Because when I click on the link now, I don't see the game anymore...or is it only my problem? [​IMG]

    If it has been removed, I will never get the chance anymore to get below 10 sec... [​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]
    ...and a girl stays #1 then [​IMG][​IMG]
  19. Ai


    It's still working over here so it must be a problem on your part. Also, I have no problem with a female being number 1. ^^
  20. Muf


    Oh, come on you nerds! They're called "girls". You know? Repeat after me. Girls. Not "females". [​IMG]

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