[offtopic] f**kng MADRICS Gamecube Controller - Alternative?

Thread in 'Hardware' started by herc, 22 Aug 2008.

  1. well, i own four cheap madrics gamecube controllers. i played through super mario sunshine happily with them and some mario kart. but now - after 12 months , ALL of them suddenly have the same problem: the analog stick has a permanent drift. seems like the analog stick of those is of very poor durability.

    now i am faced with a problem: i am not willing to buy any cheap madcats / madrics / bigben / whatever china crap replacement controllers.

    what can i do?

    original GC nintendo controllers are only available used via ebay, but thats a game of luck to get some that are not badly worn.

    is there some quality product that can be used as a replacement? i am for example thinking of using an high quality arcade stick. but such ones are digital instead of analog... or is there some sort of analog arcade grade stick? another problem is: i would need at least two of them for some multiplayer fun (fzero). so it should not be too expensive.
  2. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Where I live (Fort Wayne, Indiana, USA), GameStop is still selling authentic GameCube controllers. It might be different in Germany though.
  3. Use Nintendo's online store for new controllers. If you don't want to pay for quality, I suggest finding some games online There's plenty of fun and free mulitplayer games online.
  4. thanks! i was just (dont know why) so sure that original gamecube stuff is not selled anymore, that i didnt even looked for. just saw used stuff on ebay.

    @caffeine: you get me wrong. after that experience with madrics i want to pay for quality. i have spend 40 euro for four, now broken madrics controllers. if i only had bought original gear in the first place, i would have spend twice as much , but the would still work now.
  5. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    You might be thinking of when Nintendo got sued and lost for violating someone else's U.S. patent on an analog push button that "clicks" at the end of the travel.
  6. kiwibonga

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    Have you tried recalibrating the controllers?


  7. well - amazing. how could i miss that?
    i just thought the joystick recalibrates itself the second it is plugged into the wii. so i tried multiple times while having a game running to plug/ unplug but that didnt help.

    so i will test your method and report back if it helped! kiwi, thanks alot for the hint!
  8. well, this did not help. drifting stopped, but if i move the analog stick, it starts drifting again and some sticks are even completely dead in certain zones.
  9. Zaphod77

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    Then they are defective.

    Suggest buying real controllers. Nintendo makes ones that work.

    ONline if you have to.
  10. Pretty much.

    Play-Asia are selling official GameCube Controllers. Rather cheap too.

    It's like 17 euros considering the dollar is cheap right now.

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