NYET3 - most creative tetris game!

Thread in 'Other games' started by herc, 25 Nov 2006.

  1. sadly,
    I. this NYET II is german only
    II. it is the shareware version, that is missing thos other 100 levels of fun and diverse tetris challenges.

    i tried to contact the programmers at www.proline-software.de - but no response yet.
  2. I love this game and I love you.
  3. @myndzi: which one exactly do you like the most ? nyet III or nyet II ?

    @lee_n: thanks for pointing out.
  4. I had only ever played 3 before, it was just a pleasant surprise to see the others all in one spot ready for consumption. :)
  5. @Herc,

    Just a-wondering: What did you finally do to get the sound working for NYET III under DOSBox? I compared my DOSBox.conf with the one in your ZIP, and they're fairly close (with the exceptions of "core=auto", "cycles=max", and "irq=5" in mine; BTW, still running DOSBox v0.72).
  6. @rich: i did nothing, i just downloaded the latest dosbox and that one seems do work right out of the box !!
  7. Superb :) Sounds like the problem (in your case) was simply the older version of DOSBox. IIRC there were quite a few bug and perfomance issues corrected with the latest release version.

    Anyhoo, I *LOVE* DOSBox... hasn't been a thing yet that I couldn't throw at it and (at least semi-satisfactorily) get it working :)

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