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  1. @rich:

    i tried it, but sadly it does not work. regardless what settings i try (also an exact copy of your dosbox config file) dosbox crashes if i enable soundblaster sound using the install.exe from nyet3. the only mode that works for me is pc speaker sound.

    so i would like to ask you if you could make a complete zip file containing both nyetIII and dosbox including your config settings and a start.bat that runs that thing. there must be something i do wrong.

    i know you are small on bandwith, but i really would appreciate this one. maybe use 7zip, it compresses much better.

    thanks in advance!!
  2. That's really strange. Maybe it's the version of DOSBox that I'm using (or maybe because I'm runnig Windows 98 SE).

    I could do that for ya [​IMG] Send me an email at richnagel@earthlink.net , and I'll reply to it with the ZIP attachment (prolly be about 6 megs or so). I'll ZIP it up with directories in verbatim, so's when you unzip it, the files will be located in exactly the same place on your hard drive as they are on mine (although, I don't think that would be a problem).
  3. Again, sorry for bumping an old archaic thread <G>.

    Recently I've built myself up a semi-modern PC: Intel P4 2.666Ghz/512MB RAM/WinDoZe XPee Pro SP2/SBLive! CT-4780/blah/blah/blah to retire my other three ancient PCs.

    Digital sound (as well as Adlib music) works fine with NYET3 using DOSBox. I also discovered that the sound worked no matter how I had DOSBox configured (via the "dosbox.conf" file): SB1/SB2/SBPro/SB16/etc...

    Sort of on-topic: DOSBox ROCKS! I've been cussing Billie G./Micro$not/WinDoZe XPiss numerous times throughout the whole process of setting up this new PC, and without DOSBox, I'd be EXTREMELY teed-off if I couldn't play my old DOS games! DOSBox works like a champ with EVERYTHING that I've tested it with. And as an added bonus, it also supports piping to your normal Windows MIDI drivers/ports... so's the music in most of my DOS games sounds quite nice (SBLive!, with a 40MB custom SoundFont sound bank loaded in) [​IMG]

    Anyhow, figured I'd post an update to the sound/DOSBox thing [​IMG]
  4. Muf


    Good to hear you got an upgrade Rich. XP is rock solid compared to Windoze 98! [​IMG]
  5. m:)

    m:) Unregistered

    i had the original nyet on my 80286!

    monochrome tetris goodness, it was the tetris i learned to play on!

    that must have been around 88 maybe, dunno but i was in high school at the time.
  6. Shizi

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    confusion attack in tnet2 specs!
    nothing new [​IMG]
  7. Hehe, I'm *sure* that you know *my* views on that subject <LOL>! [​IMG]

    My first PC was a Sinclair... couldn't really call that a 'real' PC though <G>! Second was an 8086, and then upgraded to a 80286. And ya know what? I *still* have that old 80286 boxed up and stored, but I'd guarantee 100% that I could unpack it, hook 'er up, and boot it on the first try [​IMG] Oh, and it had NO problems whatsoever with Y2K <G> [​IMG]

    Ahhh... the memories... 4 megs of system RAM, 512kb RAM video card, an addon math co-pro., running DR-DOS v6.0 and Windows 3.0 (in Standard mode). Oh, and a *LIGHTNING SPEED* 2400 baud modem, well before Al Gore 'invented the Internet' <LOL>! Man, I remember COmpuServe access back then... US$15 an hour!
  8. Muf


    I know this fun game you can play with Windows 9x, it's called "Count the BSODs" [​IMG]

    If you're happy and you know it, unhandled exception 0E! [​IMG]
  9. tepples

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    Blue screens in Windows 98 or stops in Windows XP are more often than not problems with device drivers.

    At first, makers of PC hardware for use in homes wrote off NT 5 as something seen only in offices, as Windows 2000 (NT 5.0) had no edition priced for installation on home PCs. Two years later, Microsoft released NT 5.1 under the name Windows XP, and it had a Home Edition. At that point, the NT 5 drivers for a lot of home hardware were less mature than the Windows 4.x drivers because the manufacturers didn't take time to develop and test drivers during the Windows 2000 release cycle. That's why Windows XP got a bad rap at the beginning for instability. Windows Vista (NT 6) had the same problem because a new NT uses a new driver model (except Windows 7, which is really NT 6.1).

    That said, I found the original NYET and AINT at the same time, and AINT's GPL license inspired me to make all my Carbon Engine games GPL too.
  10. Muf


    About the latter, yes. About the former, no. Windows 9x performs a one-armed juggling act between real mode and protected mode, and frequently drops the ball, causing the dreaded "Exception 0E" (which is the error code for an access violation). Effectively, there is nothing in place to prevent any userland process to call a legacy function and write to any area of the memory. Badly written drivers have little to do with it, although they do contribute to the problem. Compatibility in this case is a double-edged sword; the same code that allows you to run 16 bit Windows applications and play DOS games, is exactly what's causing all the instability. In any NT-based flavour, none of these problems are present, and as you say, any blue screens will be due to either faulty hardware (a known example of which is 0x50 - otherwise known as "Page fault in non-paged area"), or faulty drivers. This was the point I was jokingly making to Rich. [​IMG]
  11. You have the original NYET with ascii graphics ? can i please have it (pm | email | link) ?
    what is AINT ?
  12. (re: BSODs)

    I've _rarely_ had BSODs on my W98SE PCs, short of something that I actually caused myself <G>. BTW, I'm still/was running the *original* installations of W98SE and DOSW311 on my three PCs (two with W98SE, the 486 with DOSW311) that I originall installed on them... never ever had to reinstall DOS/W311/W98SE on any of them [​IMG] - 486: DOS/W311 installed since 1994, 233: W98SE installed in 2000, and 500: W98SE installed in 2002 [​IMG]

    Hehe (as a private PC tech), have made quite a nice bit of pocket-change reinstalling WXP on customers' PCs though <G> [​IMG]

    (re: AINT) Yeah, what is "AINT"?
  13. m:)

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    after that 80286, i washed my hands of ms altogether.

    that 2400 modem reminds me of the TAG BBS days [​IMG]
  14. Muf


    I must admit it is possible to create pretty stable 9x installations, before I bought my tablet PC I had an old Sony Vaio with 98, onto which I installed all available upgrades and hotfixes, as well as some other modifications that improved stability and usability. It was the most stable 9x I'd ever used; but if I ever ran out of resources, errors and BSODs would still come raining down.
  15. Placing my bet that it stands for AINT Is Not Tetris. But I have no idea.
  16. Zaphod77

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  17. tepples

    tepples Lockjaw developer

    Google brought me to this page, and I managed to get it working on Ubuntu 8.04 on my Eee PC.
    (Applications > Accessories > Terminal)
    sudo aptitude install dosbox
    mkdir dos
    mv Desktop/nyet.exe dos
    (Applications > Games > DOSBox Emulator)
    mount D ~/dos
    AINT Is Not Tetris. It had a sequel called EGAINT with (for the time) high-resolution graphics, including a blockskin called "Pumped Full of Drugs". Pascal source code and MS-DOS binaries for AINT and EGAINT are in FOG DOS 324. And they work just as well in DOSBox.
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  18. BTW, I have to thank you for the link to that site many moons ago (I think it was you who turned me on to that site), as there is where I was able to find a generic USB driver for W98SE that allowed me access to my Sandisk Sansa M230 MP3 player, as well as my flash drives [​IMG]

    Hehe, I ran DR-DOS up until I got my first 386SX25 <G>. DR-DOS blew the living crap out of all incarnations of MS-DOS, and even shipped with quite a few things that Mickey$oft hadn't even dreamed of yet (a disk scanning utility, defragger, GUI DOS shell, disk compression, etc...).

    Oh man! The BBS days [​IMG] ....fondly remembering "Road Runner" and "Honey Dripper" down in Miami [​IMG]

    @All, folks, sorry about dragging this thread down to such OT stuff. Going through some real sentiMEntal times after retiring my 486DX100 a few weeks ago. She booted up for the last time about two weeks ago. Then I packed 'er up for good [​IMG][​IMG]

    Many thanks for the info and links, Tepples [​IMG]
  19. @tapples: thanks , too !

    this seems to be the very first NYET. but there must be a NYET 2 , that still had ascii graphics, but already those story mode with different missions and tasks, as in NYET III, the revenge of the mutant stones.

    if anyone can find that NYET II, i would be really happy. played this one many years ago, bought a floppy disk in a super market with this game on it [​IMG]

    nonetheless, very nice to have the NYET I, too. thanks tepples!

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