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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    any chances for auto updater ?
  2. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    I installed the newest update and tried to play.


    On my computer with Windows XP 32-bit, I run play_slick.bat and what I get is a black box perpetually stuck at (Now Loading...)

    Which is particularly bad because I have the game set to run in fullscreen mode. Sometimes, I can bring up the task manager and kill Nullpomino, which is hovering at 40% CPU usage. Sometimes I can see nothing but the cursor, leaving me with few choices other than rebooting the computer.

    Without changing anything, I copy the entire Nullpomino folder to my laptop running Windows 7 64-bit. I run play_slick_64bit.bat and it works perfectly fine.

    I look at the log_slick.txt on the XP machine, and the last line is:

    10-05-06 17:52:53,750 [main] INFO Slick: - Sound works

    Well, obviously something does not work, whether it's the sound or something else, I don't know, but I was NOT having this problem with 6.8.
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    For several versions the same thing has been happening to me, except it stops at

    19:44:56,873 [main] INFO ResourceHolder: Loading Sound Effect

    instead. Once I click on the game window with the mouse it starts. I just tried it in fullscreen, though, and it started all by itself.
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    My server harddrive does indeed appear to be dying. I don't know how long it will take me to get a new drive. (no cash and no spares)

    I logged on (ssh) just now and it's not even possible to execute many commands and the harddrive seems to have locked itself down to read-only mode and many files can't even be read.

    Can't even restart it.
    burbruee@143:~$ sudo reboot
    sudo: unable to execute /sbin/reboot: Input/output error
    It looks really bad, it gives the same error on most commands. fsck gives a shitload of errors. :(

    The Nullpo-server is still up but I don't know for how much longer until everything blows up.
    Same server where I mirror all files so those will go down as well. (I still have most of the webspace backed up though, everything but original-tc I think)

    EDIT: ssh just died. Maybe everything else as well. R.I.P
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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    You could run Linux on cramfs off a DVD or something temporarily while you run the Nullpo server in tmpfs? Alternatives include a compact distro on a USB stick.
  6. NullNoname

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    NullpoMino Version (2010/05/07)

    Version (2010/05/07)
    #This version is still compatible with netplay server. However, there is a small change to NetPlay server.
    +STANDARD-PLUS (Created by Blink) and STANDARD-ZERO (Created by Wojtek) rules are now bundled.
    +Updated batch files to both 32bit and 64bit compatible ones. (Thanks dodd!)
    +NetPlay: You can change your team by using "/team" command.
    To change your team, type "/team <New Team Name>" to chat input box, then push Enter key.
    To change back to no team, type "/team" to chat input box, then push Enter key.
    (Yes, no proper GUI yet. I'll add a proper way from next release.)
    *NetPlay: Changed Ping interval to 10 seconds instead of 30 seconds.
    Client will automatically disconnect if there is no response from the server more than 30 seconds.
    *NetServer: Removed "Timer Disable" feature from TNET2-style auto start timer because I misunderstood.
    (I'll re-add this feature as an separated option from next release.)
    *Slick: Changed LWJGL back to 2.1.0 because it caused problems to some people.

    * Download Link *

    Sorry for any inconvenience. I hope it'll work better.

    @dodd: Sorry for missunderstanding TNET2 timer system. Currently I don't have email or IM, but I'm planning to do that in future.
    @Burbruee: R.I.P :'(
  7. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    Really liking the game so far and the constant fixes / development. :)

    I set up a dedicated nullpo netplay server at (standard port), running v6.9.0.1 atm.
    If it shows to be reasonably stable, I'll keep it online and updated long term.
    You can also find / contact me over at HD.

    mirror of latest game versions at:
  8. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    I just made an unofficial updater tool because of your post.


    It's made in C# and .NET 2.0 Framework. So it will only work on Windows.

    Not really autoupdating; You will have to run the application and it will report what's the latest available version (from XML online) and download if you press the button. I might improve it later, I just made it quick with no heavy testing or error checking. Use at own risk. ;)
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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    call me an asshole for doing this again, but this time i've tried dig race with big mode on, and again, holes are too small ;p
  10. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    poor gif, but i think this is supposed to be like this.
  11. dotgif

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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    nah, its a bug, garbage mania was fixed :)
  12. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    cool stuff burbruee!
    who maintains the xml? and whats the url?
  13. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    oh i see. in gem mania ex3 is like big mode, but you can move piece by 1 column, which is kinda strange. this is how it supposed to be or it's bug?
    Last edited: 7 May 2010
  14. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    I will update the xml, I keep it on public dropbox until I can get my server back up.

    When a new version is released, I just update the xml with <Version> string to for example 7_0_0_0 and the <DownloadURL> to a mirror and it will grab it from there.
  15. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    Accurate. That is how it is in TGM1 as well, but TGM3 Big typically disallows movement on odds. I nuked the shit out of my stack at SakuraCon and didn't finish all the EX stages. ಠ_ಠ
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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    tgm1 allows half moves in big mode. it is the ONLY game that does this. It also scores a giant tetris as an 8 line clear. TAP and later effectively make the field 10X5
  17. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    Ti definitely allows movement on odds in Sakura.
  18. Edo

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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    All the TGM games allow 1 cell shift for big pieces. The only 3 situations where 2 cell shifts are used are when playing TAP Master or Normal with the "BIG BLOCKS MODE" code enabled, or Ti Master with the "BIG BLOCKS MODE" code enabled. All other situations - VS. Mode, Sakura, item modes, etc. - all use 1 cell shift.
  19. NullNoname

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    NullpoMino Version (2010/05/0B)

    Some bugfixes and minor changes. There are some bugs left though. (ex. You can still start a game even if everyone is on the same team)

    Version (2010/05/0B)
    #This version is still compatible with 6.9.0.* netplay servers. However, there are some bugfixes to NetPlay server.
    +NetPlay: Added a proper GUI of team change.
    +Swing: You can double-click the mode select list box to start the game.
    -Slick: 64bit LWJGL libraries were still 2.4.2. Changed back to 2.1.0.
    -NetPlay: Fixed a ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException bug in field updateing routine.
    -NetServer: Fixed various bugs of team play. (Includes disconnecting NPE bug on
    -NetServer: Player queue should work fine now.

    Oh, I forgot some more changes in the readme:
    -DIG MANIA: Big mode removed
    -Slick: Fixed "Field BG bright" option's description (128 is max, but description said 255 instead)

    * Download Link *

    Thanks everyone for supporting NullpoMino!

    @xlro: Thanks for the server! It works very well.
    @Burbruee: Updater? Awesome! Maybe I'll implement some sort of "New version check" feature in future versions. Can I use your xml to check the updates? (Of course after your server is up again)
  20. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    just updated the server to - up and running
    thanks for the new netplay fixes, the team feature looks really fun so far

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