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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    NullpointerExceptions? :AWE:
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    Small fixes to NetServer

    Okey I made some workarounds for IOExceptions:

    Version (2010/04/12)
    #This is a small fix patch. If you want to use this version, you'll need to overwrite this version to previous release.
    #It doesn't change anything but netplay server.
    -NetServer: Workarounds for tsunami of "broken pipe" IOException in doWrite(SocketChannel).
    1.Changed log level of doWrite(SocketChannel) to debug instead of error, so it will not recorded to the log file when using default settings.
    2.When this exception happens the server will try to disconnect the (probably dead) client.
    -I couldn't include latest PHANTOM MANIA source code in previous version, so I included it along with new NetServer source code.
    * Download *

    @Turambar & @rednefed: Sorry I have no idea yet :( Maybe I'll look into those problems in the future.
    @Burbruee: Joystick support in Slick is always causing me a headache :( I don't know if it will help, but try changing "JOYSTICK METHOD" and increasing "JOYSTICK BORDER 1P" options. (Maybe the joystick library is returning "dummy" axis or pov value?)
    @mufunyo: I'm pretty sure that there is only "Broken Pipe" IOExceptions.
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    Re: Small fixes to NetServer

    BrokenpipoMino doesn't have quite the same ring to it, though :p
  4. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    If I could make a request, it would be the ability to disable World Reverse, like in Heboris.
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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    how about the default mouse pointer location, can that be changed? maybe the opposite corner or even turned off? it's a little annoying moving it away every time i start the game, but it is almost a habit these days :)
  6. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    You can make your own rule variant with the Rule Editor that has World Reverse turned off. A little unwieldy, yes, but the option is present. Just open up Standard or whatever and uncheck "A is Right rotate" or whatever and save.
  7. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    could ready timer work more like tetrinet2? in tnet2 people who are not ready when timer goes to 0 are moved to spectators and also counter don't start if only one person is ready (this is important when there are only 1 or 2 players in room, so i think actuall condition should be 50% ready and at least 2 ready). also timer should be cancelled when somebody unready so timer condition is no longer satisfied. i like this behavior better, don't know what others think, but please consider it.
    Last edited: 15 Apr 2010
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    Yeah, I did that in 6.6 when I made a Ti-ARS with no delays rule, but I haven't messed with the rules yet in 6.7, because it allows you to set delays when you create a room. Plus, if someone else made a room with rule lock, and they hadn't done that, I would have to change my controls to play in it comfortably.
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    Ah, yeah. It should probably be a general option instead of being coupled with the rule. It does need to be noted in replays for obvious reasons, but it'd be nice to have an easier way to access and change it -- especially for rule enforced rooms on Netplay. I'd pretty much never have it on if I had a choice.
  10. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    I seem not to have problem in Slick version. Haven't tried playing sdl yet again.

    Btw would be nice if there would be option to make garbage be like on blockbox(holes are never under each other).
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    Yeah, a hole change rate option would be kinda nice. TGM garbage would also be a cool feature.
  12. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    Speaking of garbage, there should probably also be a way to modify how much is sent. Garbage-to-all with six players is pretty insane right now.
  13. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    gif says his computer lags because Nullpomino use lot of of RAM. I checked my process manager and my nullpomino was using 1.2Gb of RAM after 25 minutes of netplay.

    virulent noticed typo in key config screen, "screen shot" is misspelled.
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    Ouch, memory allocation problems. I'll try and look into what's causing that, but it's probably more of that silly broken pipe stuff that's been making the servers generate huge amounts of logs.

    Also, the typo was noticed a while ago and it's become sort of a joke in the IRC sometimes...
  15. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    This game is great, I play netplay every day. :)
  16. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    Yeah, you can't remove SCRREN SHOT. It's been there since we first found Nullpo.

    Does anybody know the difference between Classic-S and Classic0? It's not mentioned in the readme.

    Also, I think the default ARE for a netplay room should be a lot shorter.
  17. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    I noticed that on some occasions you can pause the menus with the pause button and cannot select options until you unpause again. I noticed this at the "review section times" screen after finishing a game of Time Attack but it probably exists in other places too.

    Thanks for NullpoMino!
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    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    so, i tried playing Garbage Mania, with Big Mode turned on (don't ask)... and ... garbage holes are too small ... just saying... not sure if it's a bug or a prank... but yeah.

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