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  1. Thanks for the tips. The infinite lock delay practice option is definitely handy - I've also found the time attack mode very handy too as the transition to high G can be practiced many times in quick succession. I am thoroughly hooked!

    Incidently I made myself a Cardcaptor Sakura set of backgrounds for NullpoMino which I thought might be worth sharing. I think they fit well and provide a bit of nostalgia (or acclimitisation for the bright colours of TGM4)!

    The images were all free to download from wallpaper sites, and I provided credits in the archive so I don't imagine posting will be objectionable. Please let me know if that's not the case.
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    am i missing something? I see no joystick configuration menu?
    also is there anyway to put this into fullscreen mode?

    it's playing well for me, but I'd like real joystick support.
  3. Under the Config menu, there should be five options:

    [General Options]
    [Rule Select]
    [AI Setting]
    [Keyboard Setting]
    [Joystick Setting]

    Fullscreen is under General Options. If you're playing the Swing version instead of Slick, these things might be in a different place, I don't know.
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    ahh.. cool thanks
  5. m:)


    i have to say the game plays great. idk if this and the new texmaster ramp up in speed faster then heboris/texmater2k9 or if it's just that i can get cools on all my levels now..
  6. Still very much enjoying NullpoMino. Is there an option to automatically purge the oldest replays? Or the worst? :) The Replays page starts to open increasingly slowly once you have a few hundred.

    Also it would be a great improvement if while looking at the records within a game mode's options screen, you could select a specific record and directly watch its replay. Digging through hundreds of replays by reading their descriptions gets to be a pain...
  7. NullNoname

    NullNoname NullpoMino developer

    Sorry for long delay between releases, I was busy recently.

    Download 6.4 here:

    Version 6.4 (2010/03/02)
    +Added MusicListEditor (Allows you to setup BGM files easily)
    +Added GEM MANIA mode (Clear all gem blocks from the playfield to complete the stage)
    +Added MARATHON+ mode (Features a bonus level where playfield sometimes go invisible)
    +Added TIME ATTACK,CLASSIC MARATHON,FINAL modes from NullpoUE build 010210 by Zircean
    +TIME ATTACK: Added BGM support
    +TIME ATTACK: Added BASIC difficulty
    +TIME ATTACK/Engine: Added more accurate HELL-hidden
    +GRADE MANIA: Added Pier21 grading system from NullpoUE build 010210 by Zircean
    +RETRO MANIA: Added "POWERON" option, which will enable you to use famous Power-on Pattern
    +SDL/Slick: Line-clear effects for gem blocks added
    -Slick: Line-clear effects for normal blocks is now split to 2 files because some video cards had problems
    -Swing: Translucent effect now works correctly
  8. Zaphod77

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    Poweron pattern seems to simply be the first 1000 pieces.

    Nice, but to max out the lines counter at 999 requires 2497.5 pieces

    So a maxout of the lines doesn't count, unless the poweron pattern is proven to last exactly 1000 pieces, which seems to be hard to believe.
  9. Great game :) I created a Mac OS X application bundle as to make the usage under OS X somewhat friendlier. It uses the Slick version of course.

    It's available for download at (15.9mb)

    Please note that the settings are saved inside the application bundle. Use secondary mouse click -> 'Show package contents' to copy them in or out. If you want to run a different app, like the rule editor, change the class name in the Info.plist.

    Oh yeah, if loading seems to take forever: try clicking in the window. Not sure why that happens.
  10. Great work Martijn !

    If you may, I modified the plist of your bundle a bit to have a meaningful name ("Desktop2" wasn't sexy) and a proper icon (quickly made; the rotated T should be seen as an hammer - coherent with nullpo's usage in 2ch according to Wikipedia).

    Get it there

    Anyway... what's the difference between slick and swing version ?
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    awe, nice.. thanks for the extra work.. saves me from editing my bash script..
  12. You should probably include the file necessary for joystick support that I mentioned in this post in the bundle.
  13. Cool.. feedback :) I'll make a new version that also includes the readme file, I forgot that in this one.
  14. Thanks for the new release, I am still really enjoying NullpoMino!

    A quick question - is the grading system for Grade Attack 3 accurate to TGM3? I presume so, and hence this is probably a question about the TI cool / regret system in general.

    I ask because at my level of play now I can push hard and score mainly tetrises up until 20G begins, at which point I have to focus more on survival and the tetrises are far more rare. As a result I get mainly Cools through the first few sections and then usually Regrets after 500, until I am killed off in (on a decent run) the 700s.

    With that in mind, the grades I am awarded differ greatly. If I get a couple of Cools and then die between 200 and 300, I get around a grade 2. In the games where I have survived beyond 700, even when I have had a good start with cools, the regrets always drive my final grade down to usually a 4 or a 5.

    While playing Grade Attack 2 my grade progressed steadily over time (my best is S1 after about 3 months of practicing) but in Grade Attack 3 I have always had this fluctuation in grades, and it's given me the distinct impression that the grading system fits masters of the game more than people who are learning the ropes. Also I understand that the grading system rewards "fast, consistent play" and while that may be true for experts, for me I get better results with fast, reckless play!! I get better grades playing fast with mistakes, every time and I suspect that when I play I should suicide the moment I feel I can't push for speed and tetrises any more. It feels as though the grade-reducing effect of section regrets is way too punishing and perhaps they should mean that you miss the next grade increase when it happens, or perhaps an adjusted grade point decay rate should take care of things on its own. Does anyone care to give a perspective on this anomaly?

    (I realise the TI grade system is established and changes are not exactly up for discussion, but I'm interested in opinions and thought I'd share the experience of someone learning from scratch. I presume most of the regulars here were experts before TI was even released so perhaps have not known this phenomenon!)
  15. If you're getting section regrets, you're playing way too slowly. That's why it's so punishing.
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    not to mention those regrets have a -1 on your score. In grade mania 3 if you can cool 0-500 you should be at least S3 at 500 and hit 20G around 300.
  17. My early section times are around 1:00 -> 1:15 so I can usually get an early cool or two. Probably I maintain that in the later sections so in the end that leads to regrets as I mentioned. I realise the best solution is to get much better at the game, and I'm not arguing that I deserve better grades than I get! :) It just seems that the moment you reach a difficulty level where you can no longer push hard for speed, you do more harm than good by just playing survival even if you succeed for another couple of hundred levels.

    On a slightly different note, in the latest release of NullpoMino have you guys tried Grade Mania 3 exams? In 6.3 they worked OK but in 6.4 every exam I am subjected to is for MM grade...
  18. Muf


    I have only one piece of advice for slow Ti Master (and clones) players, and that is: always manual lock. If you can't sustain manual locking at a given speed level, you might as well top out. Practise practise practise. If you want to play slow survival, play TGM1. If you want to learn to make placement decisions faster, play TAP (and push for speed, or else you won't learn a thing).
  19. I'm not at home at the moment, but if I wanted to modify Nullpo interface, what should I do ? Is its code easy to understand / read / well documented ?

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