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  1. /agree with muf, Millisecond based doesn't actually bring much to the table.
  2. Okay, I have the latest Java installed (6u24) and am running Win7x64 Home Premium, and as soon as the Nullpo 7.5.0 (launched via NullpoMino.exe) fullscreens, I get nothing but a black screen. Starting up Task Manager reveals that Java has crashed.
  3. Try clicking on the black screen with the mouse pointer.
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    I've noticed something similar with Starcraft 2, but I'm not sure if it's because of Catalyst 11.5a, or because of my constant Bitcoin mining in the background (CPU + GPU :awe:)
  5. I'm curious, is there a way (using the music list editor or otherwise) to add music tracks that play in the menus when you're setting up options and choosing a game mode? Nothing in the list seems to indicate tracks that are used for the menu screens, Special 1-4 seem kind of cryptic, and there's nothing about those in the readme. It may not be totally necessary, but it was one of those little touches I enjoyed in Heboris UE, like the "Success...but let's go better next time" message, and the field shaking when you set it to start a Promotional Exam.
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    add an instant suicide button for when i get angry
  7. It already has one. It's called Retry.
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    I was really happy, but then I saw it was Java.

    Java programmer:

    C++ programmer:

    Verdict: C++ programmers are better looking than Java programmers, therefore you should recode this in C++. Also, notice that even the chubby Java programmer's games have proper support for all widescreen resolutions. Therefore by insane troll logic if you do not remake the game accordingly you will become chubbier than Notch. You may even grow to the size of Gabe Newell.
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    Maybe it's insulting, but it's still true. Java just plain sucks for coding games. And nullpo is HEAVILY bloated.

    I applaude the effort put forth by Nullpo devs, but personally, I'd much rather have a simple and fast TAP clone. Someyhing like NDS-TGM with proper DirectX support. Click something and get a beautiful FULLSCREEN menu @ whatever res you're running your desktop. Input through stick should work automagically (though configurable) like all commercial games. That shouldn't be too hard?

    You do realize Tetris shouldn't be considered CPU heavy in these days? I'm pretty sure you could make a good TGM clone for c64, so nullpo being slow and laggy on my 3 GIGAHERTZ CPU is really not ok.

    Then again, I haven't been into coding for 15 years, so maybe Java is fine nowadays?

    How about a nullpo lite?
  11. [​IMG]

    I think multiplatform support is a must.
  12. :facepalm:
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    Why do the folks on TC tend to use smileys to belittle others? This is not really that common on other forums. Anyways, you suck. Your mother, and all that.

    To me it's a freaking mystery how it could be hard to make a 2D puzzler run smooth on a multi-GHZ CPU.

    Again, I don't want to disrespect these coders efforts. Nullpo is good for what it is, with it's million modes and online (?) functionality (and last time I tried it it worked great), but personally I prefer TAP, even with the emulation lag. It just feels so much better.

    I would like to see a TAP clone on pc. With a minimum of settings, and working perfectly on anything from a Pentium II to a ... whatever todays CPU's are called, running everything from Win98 to Win7. Shouldn't that be possible, though cumbersome?
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    I generally use a smiley when I'm either at a loss for words or if whatever I have to say will be a million times more offensive than just using a smiley. Different people and different communities have different ways of social interaction; deal with it. I don't see what's the big deal about using a facepalm smiley-- it gets the message across, in a funny way. Maybe you shouldn't read so much into it.
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    The smileys are here to be used. If the admins didn't want people using a facepalm smiley they wouldn't have enabled it on the board. :)

    (besides, it takes much less bandwidth than a giant facepalm image macro, and is less insulting)
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    And it kills the discussion.
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    As for a real reply.

    CLassic tetris barely worked on the c64. 1g max, no twists (even ones that work under nintendo rotation!)

    But yeah, something TI-ish should be very easily doable in C(++) on any modern computer, considering how weak type x hardware is.

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