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  1. Can you tell me where did you get the skins for nullpomino?
    Some are obvious, but some seem to be got from obscure tetris games, or made from scratch...can you tell me from where you got the skins?

    Also, maybe make a sticky skin of NES tetris from tengen?

    And may i ask you if i can make mirrors of nullpomino?
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  2. i would like to see such a list too, i would suggest to start something like this on wiki, people will just fill what they know.

    mirrors are fine, but google code offers good download speeds are good reliability so i'm not sure if we need them that much.
  3. Probably Nullpomino's creator has a backup of such, too, but i just wanted to have a backup in case of a "disaster" occours and nullpomino is lost forever or something like it...;)
    Also, i created mirrors for Heboris Packages, so i wanted to do the same thing to nullpomino...
  4. cool collection but i saw some other with even older ones (I think the link was in the 1st post when it was considered the homepage nullpomino, but i dont remember well:confused:)
    but very good collection you have there!:D
  5. exactly! thanks for sending the link!^^
    i dont know if anyone has a complete backup of all released versions, though...
  6. is mine.

    if anyone has a complete archive i'd be happy to mirror it.
  7. SWR


    What controller do you guys use to play nullpo?
    I used to use a logitech keyboard, but the lag was horrendous. Since then, I switched to a wired xbox 360 controller. It used to be nice, but it seems to be lagging (delays on button presses, movements, etc) and makes it real challenging to play any of the harder modes. So I was wondering if any of you fine folk use anything different (like sticks) and if you recommend it.
  8. I don't think the lag is affected by the choice of controller, at least not between the ones you mentioned. A USB adapter or wireless controller might introduce extra input lag, but the existing lag in Mania modes is bad enough by itself.

    NullNoname has begun preliminary work on a version that's millisecond-based instead of frame-based, and Wojtek seems to think this could help reduce the input lag.
  9. Muf


  10. I'm not a fan either, if that helps.
  11. My clone is millisecond based. Woot.
    And it only redraws on input.
    I found that this makes it runnable even on ancient machines because they only have to redraw on input (most people play at 9-15 keys per second, so not that many frames to draw)
  12. That's not really feasible for a TGM clone.
  13. SWR


    Yeah. I realized the lag wasn't from my controller when I switched to Null7.2.0 and it ran much smoother. I guess I'll just stick with that until optimization gets a little better (regardless of method).
  14. Oh dear, that just complicates things... Now we're going to have to find out what we changed with old versions... dammit...

    On the bright side, it means we can probably get rid of some of the input lag in the current version.
  15. Would it be possible to have it call a frame-based engine for TGM modes an an ms-based one for the others?
  16. Muf


    How about they just drop the idea altogether because it's fucking stupid :p

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