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  1. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    I added nightly svn builds of NullpoMino to the website:
    The latest build gets updated once a day at 8am CET and contains a compiled playable version (including the jar).
    Beware that it contains the latest code, so might be unstable. For the next 7.5 release (which is almost done), it should be fairly stable though. We encourage you to test it and find any bugs before the official release of 7.5.
    The netplay server on also runs this version, and is compatible with the new 7.5 client. So feel free to test the game especially on netplay!
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  2. Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    You're my hero, xlro.
  3. SWR


    Was slick ever fixed for Windows 7 by chance? Or is a fix planned? Or shall I just abandon all hope? I miss playing this game.
  4. As far as I know everyone's using Slick with mostly no problems.

    I couldn't get it to work in Windows XP in a virtual machine, but that's no big deal for me because I can just play in Mac OS. Not quite sure what the problem was on Windows, though.
  5. We are not aware of any specific slick issues with windows 7, afaik most devs are using it atm (32bit and 64bit).

    On a sidenote:

    I created a little batch script for windows, which auto downloads the latest nullpomino svn build, and then applies all your previous user settings, replays, logs etc. to it, so you are good to go for the new update with all your configs still intact.

    The script is not meant to be extremely user-friendly at the moment, but does the job well enough and might save someone a couple minutes, if they want to setup something similar. If there are any specific questions about it, just ask. :)

    check for more details
    (direct download here)
  6. NullNoname

    NullNoname NullpoMino developer

    Version 7.5.0 (2011/01/21)

    NullpoMino 7.5.0 official release is finally out!

    Version 7.5.0 (2011/01/21) {r518-r716; Stable Release}
    #This version is NO LONGER compatible with 7.4.0 netplay server.
    +Swing/Slick: Added screen resize options.
    +Slick/SDL: Added Mode Folders to 1P Start menu, with featured modes at the start.
    +Slick: LWJGL updated to version 2.6.
    +Added DIG CHALLENGE mode.
    +Practice: Added "Hebo Hidden" option.
    +AI: Added "Avalanche-R" AI for Avalanche modes, "Combo Race" AI for Combo Race, and "Ranks AI". Also added Ranks AI Tool.
    +New "Sticky" mino skins
    +NetServer: Much more stable! 100% CPU bug fixed.
    #Enhanced Netplay features:
    +Improved rated system, no longer requires rule lock, instead uses server preset game types
    +Single player modes have a leaderboard for all rules, including those not rated
    +Lobby and rooms now have chat history
    +Team colors in Netplay games
    +Support for changing the hole change rate in Fractional garbage style based on the number of live players.
    *Various other tweaks to improve the experience
    -Fixed PoochyBot, "No Prethink" variations are no longer needed. Instead, No Prethink is an option in the AI menu.
    -Fixed many, many bugs.
    *New icons! Default is made by gif. Another one in the file is made by virulent.
    *Moved some additional documents to "doc" directory. Readme files and LICENCE.txt are still in root directory.
    #And maybe more... See doc/svnlog7_5_0.txt for SVN log.

    * Installer for Windows *
    * zip archive for all OS *

    Project Page

    Thanks everyone for supporting NullpoMino!
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  7. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    Wow, it's moving along nicely!

    I got it working fullscreen with 2 joys. I'm having trouble with the sound, repeating itself and losing sounds quite often. I get the impression it can't keep up loading the sounds.... Any ideas?

    Good work! Keep it up!
  8. Are you using Swing? I've noticed horrible sound issues in the Swing version as well, but not in Slick.
  9. Updated page.

    Running the official v7.5 NetPlay server on (standard port).

    Also running a dev server on port 9201 - please use with care (see svn build disclaimer).
  10. Caithness, this is not really issue (i.e. bug), just you can only play one sound at time with native libraries, so this is why some sounds are missing in swing.
  11. SYN7HOR

    SYN7HOR Drama Queen

    I get these sound issues using slick, or nullpomino.exe (which I assume is slick?).

    Am I alone? Could it be a hardware compatability issue?

    Also, is it possible for two players to play their own singleplayer games?
  12. yes the .exe calls the slick engine
    could you please open a detailed bug report here:
  13. for dig challenge mode, is the rate the garbage rises the same as blockbox survivor?
  14. Nope. I believe it starts off slower and ends up faster. I don't think there has been any in-depth analysis of Blockbox's version.
  15. Actually, DAS44 took some metrics. Nullpo's starts out faster, but Blockbox's accelerates more quickly. However, Blockbox caps off a lot sooner than Nullpo does, and Nullpo ends up being much faster as a result. For example, I've never seen Blink hit more than 4:20 or 4:30 on Dig Challenge, and I know he's almost hit five minutes on Survivor.

    This wasn't a very in-depth look, but it was a general thing DAS did because everyone was asking how it compared.
  16. 'normal' on dig challenge is very different from 'realtime'. it seems your block starts dropping 20G at higher levels?
    i've mostly tested realtime so far. i think 5 minutes is probably the limit for dig challenge. level 20 and even level 19 are basically impossible. it goes from ground zero to topping out in 7 seconds, which is faster than the fastest driller time.
  17. also fuck. if you could make it so you can play infinitely on one level that would be so great. like level 13,14 is perfect for me, i dont want it to go higher
  18. I just want the Dig Challenge to have some ARE with Classic rules so I can play it like an extreme version of TGM+.
  19. I believe you can set a minimum ARE in the rule editor, but the game is sort of balanced for zero delays. If it is just that you would like to use ARS instead of SRS, try ClassicFast.

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