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    How about GitHub ?
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    I remember i had nullpoUE with music. I think i have downloaded music pack from this site, but i can't find it anymore. Was post with this pack deleted? Does anyone remember music pack i'm talking about? How can i get it?
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    If it was anything with Arika's copyrighted assets in it, it was probably deleted. If it was something else, then I don't know where it is now.
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    OK, it seems this thing never existed, my memory is playing tricks on me.
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    Speaking of music, I'd like to bring up a little bug with Nullpo netplay. When you're in a 3+ match, when one person loses, your music will stop playing. I guess it's programmed to recognize "loss" instead of "last man standing"
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    It's June 10, so as promised, here's the source code for PoochyBot.

    Noname, feel free to include it in the next NullpoMino release if you wish.
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    Okay, I tested out PoochyBot and it didn't let me down... I got a GM performance on the first run of Grand Mania 3. However, this let me in on a slight bug: With Grade Display and Exams turned on, the mode may award the GM rank when it shouldn't, but it will show up correctly as MM in the leaderboards.

    Also, in Phantom, the game re-awards M at 400 and re-awards MM at 900.
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    had to take down the netplay server for now, cause of the recurring 100% cpu bug
    see the thread on HD for more details
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    new netplay server:
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    I have a feature request: an option to change the look of the ghost piece. The ghost piece can be transparent/outline only/etc.
  11. NullNoname

    NullNoname NullpoMino developer

    NullpoMino Version 7.1.0 (2010/06/15)

    Hello everyone. I'm NullpoMino author who was formerly known as noname or Anonymous.
    I got new Gmail account recently and created an account here, so now you can contact me at any time.

    Version 7.1.0 (2010/06/15)
    #This version is NO LONGER compatible with 7.0.* netplay server.
    #I, the NullpoMino author, will use the name "NullNoname !bzEQ7554bc" from this version.
    +Added PoochyBot v1.21. Read "PoochyBot Readme.txt" for details. Thanks Poochy!
    (I added some Javadocs to suppress compiler warnings, but the code itself is same)
    +Swing/NetPlay: "Watch" feature now works with Swing version.
    +NetPlay: Added three new game stats: KO, Wins, and Games.
    KO: Number of players you knocked out in this game
    Wins: Total number of win/1st place (Reset to zero when you exit the room)
    Games: Total number of games you played in this room (Reset to zero when you exit the room)
    +NetPlay: Chat log is automatically saved inside the log directory.
    +NetServer: Added Tripcode system. A tripcode is a hashed password by which a person can be identified by others.
    To use it, you can enter #tripcode (password followed by a sharp) to your nickname field.
    (Wikipedia article:
    +NetServer: Added an option to display IP/Hostname in various ways. Both plaintext and hashcode are supported.
    Open "config/etc/netserver.cfg" with any text editor to adjust settings of your server.
    +Added hebo-MAI's rule, "StandardGIZA". (Thanks hebo-MAI!)
    -PHANTOM MANIA: Fixed grade re-award (or re-flash) bug. (Thanks Zircean!)
    -GRADE MANIA 3: Fixed GM-awarded-when-it-shouldn't bug. (Thanks Zircean!)
    MM grade with GM performance will be shown as flashing MM on results screen.
    -NetPlay: Doesn't stop BGM when one of opponents dies in 3P+ match (Thanks SWR!)
    -NetPlay: "Sit out from game" and "Change Team" buttons are enabled as soon as you die.
    *NetServer: Disconnect the client when message send fails (workaround for CPU 100% bug)
    *NetServer: Cleans up every list (including room list and player list) when everyone disconnects.
    (This is an workaround for ghost room bug)
    *NetPlay: Applied Wojtek's new fractional garbage system patch (60 denominator)
    *All log files are created inside the log directory.

    * Download Link *

    Having a repository in Google Code is a good idea.
    What license should we use?
    Currently most libraries that NullpoMino is using are BSD or similar licenses.
    But I think we can only use GPL because I included PoochyBot.
    Using GPL does not cause any problem to me, but I want your opinions.
    {EDIT1} I found a problem. The Tripcode making is using this Crypt class (I modified it to add support for byte[] arrays). But this library is under BSD license and cannot be changed to GPL. Should I separate it from main source code tree and keep the license BSD, or should I go find an alternative library that does not cause license issue? Or, do you have any other solutions?

    Anyway, thanks everyone for supporting NullpoMino!

    @Poochy: Great! Thanks for releasing it.
    @Zircean: Thanks for bug reporting. I hope this release fixes them.
    @xlro: Oops... sorry for 100% CPU bugs. I don't know what is causing this bug but I found some flaws and made some workarounds in this release.
    @dodd: Thanks for the new server. Is it administered by HardDrop admin team?
    @meow: Yes outline ghost piece would be great. I'll try to add it near future.
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    If the license is going to be an issue and we decide on a different license, I'll most likely be glad to give express permission to include PoochyBot, or maybe even change the license for PoochyBot. I'm not picky when it comes to free software licenses.
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    NullNoname, you are best! Changelog is amazing as always.
    I like BSD type licence better, because it give more freedom than GPL type licence and it's more close to no-licence thing we have before.
  14. SWR


    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    You think you could have separate scoring for AI and human? I hate seeing Poochybot's nearly flawless score next to my crap one. Also, some text like "AI Play" or "Bot Play" when in use. Just to stop any potential liars/cheaters. Especially in netplay.
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    i think there is bug in tripcode thing, i can spoof tripcode (make nickname whithout any tripcode that looks exacly like nickname with tripcode).
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    very nice work nullnoname, the update looks great, addressing a bunch of issues at once - using tripcodes as player identification is a cool idea, too
  17. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    in other words, someone forgot to disable ! in nicknames. :) should be an easy fix.
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    .. or just display actual tripcodes in a different colour.
  19. Muf


    Re: NullpoMino - now with netplay!

    Easier: just use ! as the separating character for a tripcode. So if you try to enter NullNoname!bzEQ7554bc, the output will be NullNoname!Dl334WVJow.

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