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  1. NullpoMino is an open-source falling block puzzle game written in Java for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X.

    It also has online capabilities, letting you play single-player or multi-player games on a server.

    You can get it at the project page at

    Head to the netplay server's homepage for current room and player lists and for detailed statistics about the most active players. It's also got release announcements and other miscellaneous Nullpo-related news items. And be sure to thank xlro for running the server and for everything else he does!
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  2. Using the ruleset editor, me and nightmareci have independently created the Classic0 ruleset, which is supposed to emulate Sega Rotation System. No wallkicks, no DAS bald spots, and some other minor changes I can't remember right now.

    I'll work on figuring out modes and such as soon as either nci or I get it to work with eclipse.
  3. The graphics feel like a mix of Heboris and Sega tetris.
    The controls feel a bit spotty sometimes.

    Other than that great clone. It's better than MASTER-#G4! =P
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  5. Awesome, now I can really get to exploring what this game can do. Joystick support seems a bit flaky on Mac OS, but I got it working. I made sure to only set buttons for the rotation and hold functions, and since the joystick setting menu has an off-by-one error I had to manually edit the config file in order to get the setup I wanted.
  6. Got it to work in my Eclipse. Proceeding to hack random shit in.

    To test my ability to hack random shit in, I got a strict history randomizer working. Next up, DRS. Then after that, I'm not entirely sure. ACE modes maybe?

    The mode source files seem to be laid out quite a bit like those from Hebomini, at first glance.
  7. NullNoname

    NullNoname NullpoMino developer

    Sorry for anonymous post, but 2ch has banned my ISP for unknown reason.
    I released new version: NullpoMino 6.2.
    Download Here:

    Zircean, can I include your new modes from next release?
    The new modes are very interesting.

    Version 6.2 (2009/10/29)
    Re-added Swing version.
    Changed block skin text field to a combobox, and added a image preview in Rule Editor.
    Upgraded LWJGL version to 2.1.0. It has better 64bit support. Slick version sound in Linux amd64 now works.
    Added 200 lines game type to Marathon mode.
    Fixed initial hold bug in Mania modes. (Thanks Zircean)
    Added secret-grade to Mania modes. (Thanks Zircean)
    Added piece type setting to Practice mode. Now you can play with I1, I2, I3, and L3 pieces.
    Fixed batch files to log the errors correctly.
  8. Absolutely, go right ahead. :D

    I'm working on some updates to TIME ATTACK to add in modes from Hebo UE as well, so that's coming soon.

    However, since NullpoMino doesn't have the right hidden type for the middle of HELL, I may have to perform some hacky fix to put it in... :p
  9. I'm afraid I can get neither this nor NullpoUE to work for me using 64-bit linux.
  10. Could you post the errors it reports when you try to run it?
  11. NullNoname

    NullNoname NullpoMino developer

    NullpoMino 6.3 Alpha

    Hello. Thanks everyone for supporting NullpoMino!
    I released new version but 2ch has banned my ISP again, so I'll post here.
    This version contains some elements from NullpoUE, but it is not completed yet.

    Download here:

    [noparse]Version 6.3 Alpha (2010/01/02)
    *The game now uses log4j for logging. No more black-blank DOS window. However, Swing version and utilities now requires external library.
    *Changed background images to NullpoUE's (Old BGs can still be found in res/graphics/oldbg folder)
    *Changed block images to NullpoUE's (Old blocks can still be selectable in Rule Editor)
    +Added RETRO MANIA, PHANTOM MANIA, SCORE ATTACK modes from NullpoUE build 121909 by Zircean
    (TIME ATTACK,CLASSIC MARATHON,FINAL modes are not available yet)
    +Translated NullpoUE modes' source code comments to English
    -RETRO MANIA: Levelup behavior is more accurate, especially when level increases by level timer
    -SCORE ATTACK: BGM2 now plays correctly when you reach level 300
    +SCORE ATTACK: Background image will not change until you clear lines
    +SCORE ATTACK: You can speed up ending by pressing F button
    *MANIA modes: Applied various fixes and new features from NullpoUE build 121909
    +GRADE MANIA 3: You can disable qualified grade and exam features from the menu
    +GRADE MANIA 3: Level 500 torikan is disabled during exams
    +Added DTET wallkick from from NullpoUE build 010210
    +Added all rule sets from NullpoUE build 010210
    +PRACTICE: Settings screen of Practice mode is now in fullscreen and bigger than before
    +PRACTICE: Can set goal lines when level type is set to none
    +PRACTICE: Start with bone blocks option
    +PRACTICE: Time limit reset option (Time limit will be reset when the level increase)
    +PRACTICE: Field Map options with field editor
    ([Field Editor controls] UP/DOWN/LEFT/RIGHT:Move cursor A:put a block B:Exit C+LEFT/RIGHT:Select block color D:Delete a block)
    +Engine: Gem blocks added (Line-clear effects are not implemented yet)
    +Engine: Added "piece skip by D button" function (not used yet)
    *Maybe more...[/noparse]
  12. Hello there! I'd like to say that I discovered NullpoMino a couple of weeks ago and I am very impressed! It's my favourite PC Tetris, hands down. I'm just learning up on TGM standard and 20G play but am enjoying it immensely.

    I have a couple of queries / suggestions if you are interested.

    1) Is there currently a way in versus mode to get the garbage produced to be based on the position of the piece clearing lines? I tried both of the game options there and they didn't seem to have that effect.

    2) I have added some bgm files into the game directory and edited the config files to have them recognised in game. I can play them in some modes and can select any in practice mode, but I've not been able to get music to play in either Grade Attack 2 or 3 modes. Do you have any tips for what I should be adding to config files to make this happen?

    3) Are there any plans to add initials to high scores, or to maintain separate profiles for players?

    4) Could you please add an infinite lock delay option for practice mode? I'd find that so handy for learning what moves and slides are possible in 20G mode.

    Please keep up the good work, I've enjoyed playing this a lot and the fact it's in active development is great.
  13. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    Hi MisterBenn, in answer to 4), I'm pretty sure that infinite lock delay is already there, you just need to set the value to 99.
  14. Muf


    What if you actually want 99 frames of lock delay instead of infinite? :awe:
  15. Sorry for the late reply. I just tried the new version of NullpoMino, and I'm glad to report that the slick version is working for me under 64-bit linux. Swing version works too, but it's very slow, to the point that one in-game second is four real-life seconds. The SDL version, however, still won't work for me. Logs from when I try to run sdl here:

    Great job on this! A worthy successor to Heboris!

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