Tournament: Nullpomino Weeklies?

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 22 Jun 2010.

  1. I've been tossing around an idea of running weekly on-the-spot tournaments and figured it was about time I threw it out there for everyone to see. :p

    The basic idea is that anyone that wants to participate would meet on HardDrop.Com's Nullpomino server on Saturdays at 6PM Pacific time. We'd just gather up everyone that wants to play into a bracket -- double elimination if time permits -- and go at it. Typically we'd play Nullpomino defaults (TOJ-ish garbage rules), but I was also thinking we could have days where we switch things up slightly (e.g.: a BlockBox garbage day).

    Any thoughts? :]
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  2. Sounds good to me. I won't be able to participate this week, but after that I'll try to make it a regular thing.

    Rotation rules will be enforced, right?
  3. I think rotation rules will be open. From what I saw, there isn't really much you could do to abuse them easily. Things like giving yourself a 40 height well don't transfer over to Netplay. ARS, SRS, DTET, Nintendo, whatever you choose.
  4. The problem is, ARS vs. SRS doesn't work out too well in Nullpo. People who play with SRS rules tend to create rooms without changing the default max ARE, which makes using an ARS rule incredibly slow. Or they set ARE to zero, which makes using ARS difficult to impossible.
  5. Oh, I'll be creating all the rooms to be used in the tourney. I also have my own personally modded versions of Classic and Standard rulesets I can distribute beforehand if people want to use them.

    Does StandardZero ignore ARE or something?
  6. Yes.
  7. Two can play at that game. :)
  8. Bump with the format for the tourney this week:

    Signing up:
    Tourney organizers will make rooms for pre-tourney friendlies. Join up if you'd like to get in the action! After enough time has been allowed for people to get online and the brackets are all sorted, tourney organizers will hop into the rooms to announce the start of the tourney. Matches will be assigned in the server lobby.

    Room rules:
    Main settings>
    Max Players: 2
    Auto Start Delay:
    Hurryup Seconds: -1
    Spin Bonus: T-Spin Only

    Use Maps: No
    Rule Lock: No
    Back to Back: Yes
    Combo: Yes
    Speed settings>
    Gravity: 1
    Denominator: 60
    ARE: 0
    ARE Line: 0
    Line delay: 0
    Lock delay: 30
    DAS: 14

    Players are allowed to use any rotation rules or tuning settings desired.

    The tournament will be double-elimination with random pairing. Games will be first to 7 wins, with the exception of finals which will be first to 15.


    EDIT: I'll just leave this here:
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