Tournament: Nullpomino Tetris League - SEASON ONE HAS STARTED

Thread in 'Competition' started by Rosti LFC, 3 Jan 2011.

  1. Ai


    Sorry for not having played a single match yet. A few players are already aware that I'll be free to play my games starting next weekend. I'll post on HD later. ^^
  2. I'd like to play the rest of my div 4 matches today (as many as possible). I'm around on IRC (#tetrisconcept / #harddrop), just query me.
    my open matches are with: Imartins, Ai, Ukrainian4Life, Tt_edward, Alexsweden
  3. Ai


    I'll be available in about 2 hours if that's okay with you. ^^
  4. Ukrainian4Life - xlro: 15 - 8
  5. xlro - Ai: 15 - 5
  6. In the interest of this being an absolute bitch to remember to keep up to date admin-wise on two sites, and the lack of activity on here, all future details and updates will be on HardDrop only.

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