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  1. NullpoMino is a Java-based tetromino game, designed as sort of a spiritual successor to Heboris. Get it here! ***** NOTE TO SELF: DON'T EDIT DIRECTLY. EDIT VIA THE TEXT FILE.*****
    Phantom Mania is a custom NullpoMino mode developed by fellow TC member Zircean. What's better than one minute of invisible Tetris? A whole game of it! It's M-roll meets T.A. Death speed curve. Older revisions of 6.* required installing NullpoMino Unofficial Expansion, but latest versions incorporate it into an official mode.

    - You must be using the latest version of NullpoMino.
    - CLASSIC2 (TAP ARS) and CLASSIC3 (Ti ARS) rotation only. If there's enough demand for other rotation systems, I may add them to the mix.
    - If you have a particularly outstanding record, I encourage you to post a replay file or video as proof.
    - Ranks will be sorted by level, then by time. In the event level and time are identical, the tie will be broken by a TopCoder match in EasyC.

    How do I get grades? How do I breaked torikan?:
    - M: Reach level 300 by 2'28"
    - MK: Reach level 500 by 3'38"
    - MV: Reach level 600. No time requirement.
    - MO: Reach level 700. No time requirement.
    - MM: Reach level 800 by 5'23"
    - GM: Reach level 999 with...
    -- >=31 tetrises from 0-999
    -- >=2 tetrises for every section until 900
    -- >=1 tetris from 900-999
    -- no time requirement

    =================CLASSIC2 RULE================
    RANK USERNAME                    LVL TIME
    ----------------GRADE: MASTER-----------------
       1|Kitaru                     |306| 2'22"15|
    -----------------GRADE: NONE------------------
       2|EIHoppe                    |145| 1'11"43|
       3|Deeem2031                  |133| 1'17"71|   
       4|Zircean                    |129| 1'16"98|
       5|cyberguile                 | 98| 1'12"??|
    =================CLASSIC3 RULE================
    RANK USERNAME                    LVL TIME
    ----------------GRADE: MASTER-----------------
       1|Kitaru                     |461| 3'21"50|
       2|KevinDDR                   |363| 2'43"88|
    -----------------GRADE: NONE------------------
       3|K                          |300| 3'15"--|
       4|Rosti LFC                  |154| 1'28"36|
       5|Amnesia                    |117| 1'05"51|
       6|SWR                        |106| 1'24"50|
       7|Zircean                    |105| 1'07"76|
       8|Meroigo                    |102| 1'00"00|
       9|an ass                     | 88| 1'02"08|
      10|Burbruee                   | 65|   54"08|
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  2. I suppose I'll kick off this thread and enjoy my very, very temporary #1 spot.
  3. Far better ad for the mode than Zircean's constant "{insert name here}, HAVE YOU PLAYED PHANTOM MANIA YET?!?!" bugging in IRC :p
  4. Here's level 92, 1:00.31 with CLASSIC2:


    Also, shut it Rosti :p
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  5. Here are my Classic3 records:
  6. [​IMG]

    Well that was fast...

    CLASSIC2 105 @ 1:03.45
  7. Meow!
    Classic3 rule. I never used hold... I can't use hold on a keyboard. xD Gonna play on stick if i wanna hold...
  8. [​IMG]
    Here's my lame one-eyed 7 am attempt right before I go to bed.
    Not much to say.. Haven't had much invisible training, especially since I've never achieved a level of 999 in any tgm game mode. I have however focused exclusively on T.A Death for the past two or three months or so, not that it helped me here. :)

    EDIT: Oh yeah, classic3 with no hold here as well.
  9. For some reason, I do better in CLASSIC2 than CLASSIC3.

  10. [​IMG]

    I strike on the CLASSIC3 leaderboard!

    Take that Meroigo!

    CLASSIC3 105 @ 1:07.76

    Also from this picture you can see one of the other upgrades I put into the upcoming version. Kitaru told me that the average section time would include the current section as well even though it is not finished... well, fixed :D Look out for all this stuff in the new hax pax I'm coming out with soon, to be named NullpoUE!

    Also in the next release will be green/orange line MM and GM, but I doubt people will see or care about that for a very long time.... hehehehe.
  11. If you're using Hold, that might be it. It seems that Hold abuse allows you to avoid focusing on parts of the stack. Without Hold, you're forced to come up with a solution for stabilizing the stack using the upcoming pieces. Thinking of a way to fit the pieces into the given stack keeps your focus on its outline. With Hold, you make moves that draw your focus to parts of the stack that might not be all that troublesome and allow you to forget the part of the stack that really matters at the moment.
  12. Awww.. Why did you strike this rule? :(
  13. For the lulz. ;)
  14. Records coming tonight. Brace yourselves!
  15. So, uh, Kevhold, how about them records?
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  18. CLASSIC3, 88, 1:02:08

    I suck at invisible :(
  19. Classic 3 - 154 @ 1:28:36
  20. [​IMG]
    Three of those are from today.

    ...wait, midnight passed. Three of those happened since the last time I was asleep. :awe:

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