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Thread in 'Discussion' started by Tiago Dutra, 22 Nov 2011.

  1. HEY GUYS! Long time no see!:p
    I mean, i visit the site somewhat often to see some news, but i don't log on unless i'm entirely sure i will post something.;)
    Well, this time is a question:

    Do you know the musics you can add on Nullpomino? Right, i wanted to add some musics from the Punch-Out!! Soundtrack i Downloaded. The problem is that the music list editor has some...generic labels, like "Normal Mode 1", "Puzzle Mode 3" and "Special 2".:|

    Some are preety obvious, like Easy and Normal Ending, but some are a little hard to decipher, like the "Special" musics.:confused:

    The fact is, i don't want to do trial and error to discover what music plays where in what mode. That would take a LOT of work.:\

    If anybody has a list of "what music plays where..." on Nullpo's music list, i would like to take a look.:D
    I just want this to know what music fits where on the game.

    thanks for any info.:biggrin:
  2. Hi friend, how are you?
    Well, is not too difficult really, look I'll explain it based on Grade Mania 3 and Speed Mania 2 modes:

    Normal Mode 1: This is the BGM1 in Grade Mania 3, or the first song on TGM3 Ti Master mode (000-300).
    Normal Mode 2: is BGM2 in same mode, or 400-500 music in Master Ti.
    Normal Mode 3: is the third and last song in the same mode, or 500-999 in Master Ti. And this is the first song of Speed Mania 2 (as Shirase 000-500).
    Normal Mode 4: is the second song of Speed Mania 2 (500-700).
    Normal Mode 5: third song of the same mode (700-1000).
    Normal Mode 6: last song of the same mode (1000-1300).

    About Special 1, 2, 3 and 4, I'm not sure what game modes are, because I assigned to them the same BGMs as Normal Mode 3, 4 ,5 and 6 respectively... And I donĀ“t want to change them xD hehe.
  3. Hey, thx for the info.

    You see, normal mode is quite simple to decipher. It's just a sequence of musics that starts on NM1 and goes up every X Levels, depending on the game. (or starts on NM3, if Speed Mania.)

    Puzzle Mode ones must have this logic too, but i'm not sure.

    The ones that really boggle my mind are the special ones...
    Maybe they are used as game over or excellent fanfarres.
    Maybe it's used at the non-tetris modes.
    Maybe...we can ask the developers, because they have the ultimate truth.
  4. Key


    Thanks for the info Nahu, it was very helpful :)
  5. Wow thanks for the info I didn't know that. nullpomino can be really complicated to who don't like exploring things like me. gonna try this one now. :)

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