NullpoMino made me kill Tetris.

Thread in 'Research & Development' started by Oshisaure, 29 Aug 2017.

  1. So I was fooling around in NullpoMino recently, and I've done horrible mistakes.

    It all started when I got interested in the Shirase Rotation System made by @makiki99. Seeing how I somehow got used to a broken system of the SRS-kind with anti-intuitive rotation points, I started experimenting with it. I was able to pull off an O-Spin Double, and even an I-Spin Tetris.

    Then it got me thinking "what if your piece could go about anywhere you want?" and made me imagine a rotation system where the piece would go bury itself as deep as possible, as long as there is a place to go. So I started screwing around with the source code, since it required a special wallkick system. And thus, the Biased-On-Nutty-Kick-Enhancement Rotation System was born, featuring its brand new quirks.

    But of course, by the time I finished up the BONKERS, the urge to do more and go even deeper into ridiculousness got to me. I got a closer look at the files, and saw that I could manipulate pretty much anything on a piece just from a bare wallkick. Luckily for me, there is this meme of the O-Spin Triple on the discord chatroom (which I'm pretty active in), so as I love taking jokes too far, I took it as a challenge.

    And I actually succeeded, learning in the meantime how to make a broken replica of the Transform item in TGM. The way I did that was to basically turn an O-piece into a T, and make it bonk into a T-Spin Triple setup. Make sure you trick the game into thinking this piece is still an O, and that's it, O-Spin triple.

    But I went even further. Based on the previous iteration, I made so that the O piece can turn into any other piece, and that it could kick laterally at any place. So from there on, all I had left to do was to make a Tetris well, then as soon as an O appeared, you guessed it... Rotate it into an I and score an O-Spin Tetris.

    So... I decided to share this little story there, wondering if what I made is still sane of if I went too far. But then again, all I wanted was to have fun, and I sure did.

    tl;dr i made an o spin tetris and i'm questioning my life choices
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