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Thread in 'Competition' started by Zowayix, 18 May 2012.

  1. Just discovered this mode and tried it for the first time.

    It takes the "Time Attack" aspect of TGM Ace and kicks it up to insane levels.

    My first reaction was "This just seems like a 200 lines version of Ace-Normal, what's so interesting about--Wait what I only have 5 seconds left to clear 6 lines?!?"
    After about a dozen attepts at it, I've never lost by topping out, not even when the speed feels like Death 500 and I normally would easily lose in a few seconds. It's always by the time limit running out, often when I'm one or two lines away from progressing and there's no pieces available.
    There's no time to stop and think in this mode, even when the speed is close to 0G.

    My best record is 118 lines in 4:08.85. The game goes to 200 lines.

    At least three times I've lost on level 1 (before 10 lines) just because I try to set up a stack to make 3 tetrises and I don't get 3 I's fast enough.

    Post your best records here.
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