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Thread in 'Discussion' started by nicofromtokyo, 30 May 2020.

  1. Hi guys,

    I changed my PC and wanted to reinstall the best (newest ?) version of Mame to play TGM and TAP. The last time I did was a very long time ago. Could you inform me about what version I should DL ? Thanks by advance !
  2. Latest version of official MAME is 0.221, best place to obtain it is the official website Make sure you have all the right ROMs -- I believe for TGM1 wasn't a requirement in earlier versions. (I don't know anything about shmupmametgm, just official versions.)
  3. Thank you !
  4. I recently downloaded the newest official mame release, and used ROMS that I found via emuparadise. I cannot get TGM1 to work though, it returns an error message about the ROM as well as a QSound message, I also made sure to download that on emuparadise. Is there a comprehensive guide I can follow somewhere to get these games working?
  5. im still not a mame expert but for posterity:

    mary's fork of shmupmametgm is still the best version for tgm2/tgm2p afaik

    recent versions of stock mame (i dont know which version fixed it but im still using mame 0.220 and it runs tgm1 at the right speed) now properly run tgmj at 59.8something hz instead of the 60 it used to run at (shmupmametgm also runs tgmj at 60hz) so ideally you should use regular mame for tgm1 and shmupmametgm for tap. ive heard groovymame is rad if you have a crt and the right parts lying around (i dont atm)

    mame changes rom filenames sometimes for seemingly no good fucking reason and sometimes it just requires different romdumps and i have absolutely no idea why this is but its asinine. im guessing i cant just flat out tell you where to go in a public thread like this but if you dig around you should be able to find an updated on another site that isnt laden with bloat and adware
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  6. Thank you for the info I will check this stuff out when I have some time!
  7. Usually you can tell what zips you need by looking at whatever's in brackets at the end of each line of the error message MAME puts out. If you're using current MAME then you'll need, and -- the last two shouldn't be hard to find. If I'm not mistaken these zips haven't changed since 0.196 so zips for any version since then will work.
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  8. Thank you much appreciated!

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