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  1. I did literally none of that. I did beat @EnchantressOfNumbers but she eventually overtook me again.

    I did not even make it to TAP Master M in 2017 but I did so less than an hour ago, on the first day of 2018.

    I had a lot of things change this year. I have a new job and a lot less time to play TGM, and I took several long breaks from TGM over the course of the year. On top of that, a few months were lost to pure GDQ consistency practice.
    I also picked up playing pinball as a regular hobby and have found some success in that. Overall, I may not have hit my TGM goals, but I'm happy with the way things went for me in 2017.

    2017 achievements:
    GM on stream at SGDQ
    Qualified into A division at Pinburgh
    PB in every single major mode
    New job
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  2. Got 9:20, Master 5:00, a new TAP Master PB, and completely decimated the Doubles WR. We'll call it good given how much time I spent on GE this year.

    Now there's not much that remains and not much that I can share. I hope you are all looking forward to the movie; that's pretty much all I'll be working on this year so don't expect anything cool until then.
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  3. Not even non-tetris goals? Surely there's still something to keep you going, right?
  4. Still true. I got really close with most of them, but in the end I didn't meet a single one.
    I got a TGM1 20G S9 that fails the GM score requirement (got S4@500 though), a Death 499 that would beat the torikan by quite a bit, and a TAP Master S6@998. I tried really hard to get these goals in the last 10 days of 2017, but I couldn't do it.

    For the other two goals: Don't have anyone in Austria to play Doubles with, and I wasn't able to attend any meetups, so that was impossible. And about the TAS... I don't think clearing Doubles with only one active player is possible, and trying to make it happen was really tedious, so I kinda give up on that for now. :/

    Now, new goals that I can fail by a few levels:

    Goals for 2018:

    -TGM: Sub11 GM
    -TGM 20G: GM
    -T.A. Death: multiple Ms
    -TAP Master: level 999 ∧ S9
    -Attend a meetup (probably Eindhoven) ∧ Clear Doubles with someone
    -TAP Big Item Master: beat the TC record (currently 1 - 462 @ 5:30:75 by Caithness)
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  5. Alrighty, here are mine:

    1. 800 in death
    2. 30 seconds into the M roll (TAP)
    3. Left hand one handed GM in TGM (did the right 2017)
    4. See how far I can get through doubles on two different inputs (stick and keyboard) for different hands, no idea what to expect
    5. See what levels can be the finishing number for a secret grade. The smallest is 53 (done in 2017), and without thinking about it much, I suspect the answer is every larger number for specific sequences of tetrominoes
    6. And why not an M in TI master, I can fail that again

    Secret GM in TAP or TGM or NES
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  6. I just want Death M. that's it
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  7. -met
    -met (GM :p)
    -kinda met (if a cardboard plate with holes counts)

    soooo, I wasn't very ambitious I suppose.

    Strictly Tetris:
    -TGM sub-11
    -TAP sub-9:15 clear (and getting consistent at M-worthy 0-300, don't judge me)
    -Death 500
    -TI Master clear
    -Shirase 400+
    -build a proper joystick and use it

    (I feel like stuff is getting more ambitous from top to bottom)

    Other stuff:
    -survive military service
    -get drivers license without a crash
    -convince parents that Eindhoven is a nice place I could visit in September by myself

    and maybe I can figure out a way how to meet with the only other guy in Austria who happens to play this game...
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  8. How'd I do? Not super great. Missed the TGM1 goal by about 11 seconds. Improved my TAP Master time, but not grade and got close to Death M a handful of times, but couldn't close the deal. Made no progress on Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris Normal mode, but did improve Easy mode a bit.

    For my non-tetris goals, I got 80:03 in Z2 100% All Keys, so I just missed that and didn't make serious attempts at the other two.

    Other 2017 achievements:
    • TGM1 Rev Mode Gm (first western Gm)
    • Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa world record
    • Got engayged
    • Adopted a dog
    • Got interviewed for a book published on speedrunning

    Let's set some ambitious goals for 2018!

    Tetris goals:
    • TGM1 - sub 10:20 Gm
    • TGM1 Rev Mode - sub 11:30 Gm
    • TAP Master - M (stretch goal Gm)*
    • TAP Death - Gm*
    • Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris Easy - battle with @Archina for the world record
    • Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris Normal - try to give @Koryan some competition
    • Tetris 2 + BomBliss - Sub 30 Contest Mode 1-30
    • Tetris Battle Gaiden - do some exploration into this as a speed game, not sure what a respectable time will be yet
    Non-Tetris goals:
    • Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa - Sub-28 minutes
    • Zelda 2 100% All Keys - sub-80 minutes*
    • Zelda 2 100% No Out of Bounds (new category) - sub-70 minutes? (not sure what's a good time yet)
    • Zelda 2 Any% No Out of Bounds - sub-65 minutes*
    • Zelda 2 Any% Deathless - complete a run (stretch goal: sub-65 minutes)*
    • Learn a new speedgame (probably Castlevania 2, Kid Kool, or Chinese Super Mario World)
    Let's heckin' Go!

    *denotes goal repeated from last year
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  9. :)

    Good to see some people pushing for Gm in Rev mode! @kai is also close to the Rev Gm.
  10. Cool - what was the book?
  11. Speedrunning: Interviews with the Quickest Gamers by David Snyder (Amazon link)
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  12. After Mario came out I spent almost no time playing TGM, and I had pretty quickly switched to only playing Death to not have to deal with the speed curve. In TGM1 I got to 500 a couple of times, but topped out almost immediately after, and in Death I reached 299 once and not since.

    So I guess for this year let's try to undershoot…

    TGM1: 999
    Death: 300
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  13. I mean that does sound ambitious, doesn't it?
    [​IMG] Still waiting on that comeback though. Sub-11:40 is still a thing ;)
  14. Yeah!! Here's mine:

    TGM1 Gm Done 24/01/2018
    TGM1 20G GM Done 28/04/2018
    TAP Master S7 Done 11/05/2018
    TAP Master l. 999 Done 11/05/2018
    • TAP Death 500
    Find a job Done 15/1/2018 - RIP daily tgm practice

    Of course I'm gonna do them in this exact order! :D
    Have a good 2018 everyone, and may you all meet and exceed your objectives!
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  15. may onwards naomi tetris [good score]
  16. 2017 goals:
    Have top spot on my TGM1 PCB - CLEARED! It was an 11:31 when it came, I now own all three spots and all are under 11:12
    GM1 20g GM - CLEARED! Did it only 2 weeks into the year
    TGM2+ Master S9 - FAILED! S8 is still my best
    Death M and 600+ - FAILED! Best is a 499 that was behind torikan pace

    2018 goals:
    TGM1 sub-10:30 (currently at 11:06)
    TAP Master M (I can get to 500 in under 5:05 now but rarely clear, best time is still 9:22)
    TAP Death M (3rd year in a row I've had this as a goal, I need to put more time into this mode)
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  17. done lol
  18. I decided not to have any goals for 2018 (Though most everything that I listed last year could be done in 2018 )

    Instead, there are 3 TGM-related skills I would like to master:

    1. The M Roll

    2. Low-G Finesse

    3. 15F Lock Delay
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  19. Wow. Knocked that one out pretty quickly. I figured me getting close sometime last year was a fluke that would take me ages to replicate, and it seemed that way because I kept on struggling to get past 220 or so on a good run. Focused a little harder, did my best to make sure I had a plan for each piece and always had space for an O, and made it; unfortunately I get really nervous when the music cuts out, so my stack went up about six rows between 295 and however long the level stop lasted, which left me almost at the top when I cleared the section.

    With that now done I'll replace that goal with a more vague desire to get good at actively recovering. It seems like I usually can make an okay decision with each piece, but even when I feel like I'm doing well and not mis-dropping, I just tend to lose ground over time and I don't ever have a solid plan on how to dig my way out of anything but the most basic down stack. Being better at properly pyramid stacking and making overhangs would help, but I feel like it's probably better to focus on recovery.

    My next actual level goal is still to get to 999 in TGM1, and while I understand everything that I need to do, putting it all together in a single run seems beyond me right now, largely because once I make mistakes and stack over a handful of rows I can't ever get back down there. So while I work on reaching 999 I'll try to also build up skill in recovery.

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  20. FeV


    Shirase no hold S13
    Death sub-5:20
    Ti Master no hold MM
    TAP Master sub-8 orange GM
    Shiromino 1.0 release
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