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  1. I did literally none of that. I did beat @EnchantressOfNumbers but she eventually overtook me again.

    I did not even make it to TAP Master M in 2017 but I did so less than an hour ago, on the first day of 2018.

    I had a lot of things change this year. I have a new job and a lot less time to play TGM, and I took several long breaks from TGM over the course of the year. On top of that, a few months were lost to pure GDQ consistency practice.
    I also picked up playing pinball as a regular hobby and have found some success in that. Overall, I may not have hit my TGM goals, but I'm happy with the way things went for me in 2017.

    2017 achievements:
    GM on stream at SGDQ
    Qualified into A division at Pinburgh
    PB in every single major mode
    New job
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  2. Got 9:20, Master 5:00, a new TAP Master PB, and completely decimated the Doubles WR. We'll call it good given how much time I spent on GE this year.

    Now there's not much that remains and not much that I can share. I hope you are all looking forward to the movie; that's pretty much all I'll be working on this year so don't expect anything cool until then.
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  3. Not even non-tetris goals? Surely there's still something to keep you going, right?
  4. Still true. I got really close with most of them, but in the end I didn't meet a single one.
    I got a TGM1 20G S9 that fails the GM score requirement (got S4@500 though), a Death 499 that would beat the torikan by quite a bit, and a TAP Master S6@998. I tried really hard to get these goals in the last 10 days of 2017, but I couldn't do it.

    For the other two goals: Don't have anyone in Austria to play Doubles with, and I wasn't able to attend any meetups, so that was impossible. And about the TAS... I don't think clearing Doubles with only one active player is possible, and trying to make it happen was really tedious, so I kinda give up on that for now. :/

    Now, new goals that I can fail by a few levels:

    Goals for 2018:

    -TGM: Sub11 GM
    -TGM 20G: GM
    -T.A. Death: multiple Ms
    -TAP Master: level 999 ∧ S9
    -Attend a meetup (probably Eindhoven) ∧ Clear Doubles with someone
    -TAP Big Item Master: beat the TC record (currently 1 - 462 @ 5:30:75 by Caithness)
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  5. Alrighty, here are mine:

    1. 800 in death
    2. 30 seconds into the M roll (TAP)
    3. Left hand one handed GM in TGM (did the right 2017)
    4. See how far I can get through doubles on two different inputs (stick and keyboard) for different hands, no idea what to expect
    5. See what levels can be the finishing number for a secret grade. The smallest is 53 (done in 2017), and without thinking about it much, I suspect the answer is every larger number for specific sequences of tetrominoes
    6. And why not an M in TI master, I can fail that again

    Secret GM in TAP or TGM or NES
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  6. I just want Death M. that's it
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  7. -met
    -met (GM :p)
    -kinda met (if a cardboard plate with holes counts)

    soooo, I wasn't very ambitious I suppose.

    Strictly Tetris:
    -TGM sub-11
    -TAP sub-9:15 clear (and getting consistent at M-worthy 0-300, don't judge me)
    -Death 500
    -TI Master clear
    -Shirase 400+
    -build a proper joystick and use it

    (I feel like stuff is getting more ambitous from top to bottom)

    Other stuff:
    -survive military service
    -get drivers license without a crash
    -convince parents that Eindhoven is a nice place I could visit in September by myself

    and maybe I can figure out a way how to meet with the only other guy in Austria who happens to play this game...
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  8. How'd I do? Not super great. Missed the TGM1 goal by about 11 seconds. Improved my TAP Master time, but not grade and got close to Death M a handful of times, but couldn't close the deal. Made no progress on Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris Normal mode, but did improve Easy mode a bit.

    For my non-tetris goals, I got 80:03 in Z2 100% All Keys, so I just missed that and didn't make serious attempts at the other two.

    Other 2017 achievements:
    • TGM1 Rev Mode Gm (first western Gm)
    • Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa world record
    • Got engayged
    • Adopted a dog
    • Got interviewed for a book published on speedrunning

    Let's set some ambitious goals for 2018!

    Tetris goals:
    • TGM1 - sub 10:20 Gm
    • TGM1 Rev Mode - sub 11:30 Gm
    • TAP Master - M (stretch goal Gm)*
    • TAP Death - Gm*
    • Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris Easy - battle with @Archina for the world record
    • Cardcaptor Sakura Tetris Normal - try to give @Koryan some competition
    • Tetris 2 + BomBliss - Sub 30 Contest Mode 1-30
    • Tetris Battle Gaiden - do some exploration into this as a speed game, not sure what a respectable time will be yet
    Non-Tetris goals:
    • Bio Miracle Bokutte Upa - Sub-28 minutes
    • Zelda 2 100% All Keys - sub-80 minutes*
    • Zelda 2 100% No Out of Bounds (new category) - sub-70 minutes? (not sure what's a good time yet)
    • Zelda 2 Any% No Out of Bounds - sub-65 minutes*
    • Zelda 2 Any% Deathless - complete a run (stretch goal: sub-65 minutes)*
    • Learn a new speedgame (probably Castlevania 2, Kid Kool, or Chinese Super Mario World)
    Let's heckin' Go!

    *denotes goal repeated from last year
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  9. :)

    Good to see some people pushing for Gm in Rev mode! @kai is also close to the Rev Gm.
  10. Cool - what was the book?
  11. Speedrunning: Interviews with the Quickest Gamers by David Snyder (Amazon link)
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  12. After Mario came out I spent almost no time playing TGM, and I had pretty quickly switched to only playing Death to not have to deal with the speed curve. In TGM1 I got to 500 a couple of times, but topped out almost immediately after, and in Death I reached 299 once and not since.

    So I guess for this year let's try to undershoot…

    TGM1: 999
    Death: 300
  13. I mean that does sound ambitious, doesn't it?
    [​IMG] Still waiting on that comeback though. Sub-11:40 is still a thing ;)
  14. Yeah!! Here's mine:

    • TGM1 Gm (very close already)
    • TAP Lv999/S7
    • Death 500
    Find a job Done 15/1/2018 - RIP daily tgm practice

    Of course I'm gonna do them in this exact order! :D
    Have a good 2018 everyone, and may you all meet and exceed your objectives!
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  15. may onwards naomi tetris [good score]
  16. 2017 goals:
    Have top spot on my TGM1 PCB - CLEARED! It was an 11:31 when it came, I now own all three spots and all are under 11:12
    GM1 20g GM - CLEARED! Did it only 2 weeks into the year
    TGM2+ Master S9 - FAILED! S8 is still my best
    Death M and 600+ - FAILED! Best is a 499 that was behind torikan pace

    2018 goals:
    TGM1 sub-10:30 (currently at 11:06)
    TAP Master M (I can get to 500 in under 5:05 now but rarely clear, best time is still 9:22)
    TAP Death M (3rd year in a row I've had this as a goal, I need to put more time into this mode)
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  17. done lol
  18. I decided not to have any goals for 2018 (Though most everything that I listed last year could be done in 2018 )

    Instead, there are 3 TGM-related skills I would like to master:

    1. The M Roll

    2. Low-G Finesse

    3. 15F Lock Delay
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