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    2/5 done, huh. Not sub 8:10 but I got that orange GM, and sub 10 TGM1 stuff. Death sub 5:30 is coming along, I got a bunch on pace up to 800, one to 900... those Ti goals I'm not so sure about though :D

    Edit: 0/6 revised goals done. Crap.
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  2. Reflecting on my goals is easy.

    Didn't get a single one.
  3. I'm just going to leave this here @FeV :p:p

    As for my progress, I'm at 1/8. I haven't tried the one hand TGM GM though, nor given much effort to the Shirase and Death secret grades. I did get a GM secret grade in TI master in 76 levels though, which is way better than I was expecting. I'm getting closer and closer to cracking 8:45 and 700+ as well, it looks like it'll happen soon, and it's just a lucky sequence away from a secret GM in TAP, I've had many S8's and S9's at this point. TI master and Shirase doesn't look like much is happening for me there.
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  4. I've gotten to 500 in TGM1 a few times now but not been able to hold on for much longer after that, so I decided to switch gears and try to hit some incremental milestones in Death so I can get better at making piece decisions and movements faster and more consistently. Finally got to 200 without being three seconds away from topping out! It was the first time I got through the entire 100 section and felt totally in control and dealt with the jump in speed confidently. As long as I had the destination for the piece already set to go in my mind before it dropped I didn't really feel at risk of it getting away from me, and I can kind of see more clearly how it's possible to play at the much higher speeds.

    So I'm hoping that this practice at a faster speed than TGM1 ever reaches will let me make fewer errors when I go back to it, as long as I learn to stack to accomodate the randomiser better.
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  5. Same here, I recently hit 500 on TGM1 and 150 in Death. I hope to get better and beat TGM1 soon. :)
  6. FeV


    Goal progress: 0/6 and it's August. Darn.
    Given my situation I'll have access to all three games on PCB for a while in September, so we'll see... those Ti goals looking like the most likely right now. Death is gonna be hard...
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  7. Registered here in 2013, a year after got a TGM1 board, another year I posted this (3 years ago). So after 5 years of playing this game I finally got GM and broke death 300. Pretty happy with myself, and hope to keep improving.

    What really motivated me (apart from being off work) was seeing the TC crew at CTWC, I hope to go next year.
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  8. ;)
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  9. hi hello time for a last-month goal

    Completing GBTris 9-Heart 5... with at least one Tetris. If that won't work out, then at least with a Triple.
    I mean, I completed that before, just not with a Tetris or a Triple, so that'd be cool I think.
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  10. I expected someone to reply in the meantime, but I for one actually managed to clear my goals. 2 days. Oops?
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  11. Missed most by quite a small margin, like 6:09 and 442, but hey I managed to visit Eindhoven again and even bring some more friends and do my own small mini meeting. So maybe I can do those small improvements next year. Also looking forward to visit an arcade on my trip to tokyo next summer.

  12. 2017 objectives:

    1. 700+ in Death (ideally GM, no less than an M though otherwise I quit (not really))
    2. Sub 8:45 master
    3. Master in TI
    4. Hopefully get close to or beat the torikan in Shirase.
    5. GM secret grade in TI (hopefully in TAP as well and then I'll try TGM)
    6. Get an M1 secret grade in Shirase
    7. Get an S4 secret grade in Death
    8. TGM one handed GM
    9. If I can get another stick, a solo doubles 250, 250 (not likely to get another stick though)
    10. Maybe do some work towards my that end, see if there is anything about the combinatorics of tetris I can say (count the number of ways to get a secret GM is something interesting to me for example)
    Got the death M, sub 8:45, didn't get 3, did 4, 5, smashed 6, got an M3, did 7, 8, didn't get another stick, and I did 10! The minimum number of levels required to get a secret GM is 53!

    2018 objectives to be decided on later. More maths will be in it though!
  13. 2017:
    TAP Death GM: Got it.
    TAP Master GM: Still stuck on the $#&*@ invisible roll, so no. Frustrated enough with it that I'm taking a break.

    TAP Death: Sub 6 minute GM
    TAP Master GM, maybe
    Acquire a TI board? Hmm...
  14. 2017: Didn't have specific goals, but I'm happy with my progress so far.

    TGM1 - Sub 10:30 GM
    TGM1 20G - Beat my regular GM time
    TAP Master - M (or at the very least, sub-9)
    TAP Death - 500 (stretch goal of M)
    Get a TAP PCB? Maybe?
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  15. oops
    got the sub-11 tgm1 at least!

    alright, this year we're doin
    ■ TGM1 - 10:30
    ■ TGM1 - obtain the gd pcb
    ■ TAP - S9@<9:00
    ■ TAP (death) - M
  16. 2018:
    Mine are very similar to yours:

    TGM1 - 12:05 down to sub 11 (I have the speed just need the execution)
    TGM1 - Rev GM, 20G GM, Mono GM
    Death 500 (PB is 350)
    Clear doubles with my girlfriend
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  17. Same sentiment this year

    2017 Goals:
    ☑ Get a TGM1 Board + Sub-9:40 GM. (Low priority)
    ☐ Sudden TI S13
    ☑ TAP Death GM < 5:30
    ☐ TAP Master GM < 7:50
    ☑ IIDX 10-dan
    ☑ Musical instruments and music composition (again)​

    Getting a sub-9:40 TGM1 GM was a big surprise for me this year. When I heard Kevin say SAL does the Kashiwa strategy by building the well in column 8, I crafted my own setups for it, then the run just fell into my lap the next day.

    2018 Goals:
    ☐ Get a proper recording setup
    ☐ IIDX Chuuden (and to finally go out and play this game in the arcade)
    ☐ TAP Death Western Record​
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  18. Welp, guess we're still using the 2016 thread instead of making a new one! :V

    2017 Goals:
    Umm.. Oops.

    2018 Goals:
    -TGM Sub-11 GM
    ✔TAP Master S7
    ✔TAP Doubles clear w/ @Oliver (We'll get it this year! Just need to iron out our stacking differences and not fall over each other!)
    -CCST Story mode (Easy) Sub-11:40 (How low can we go?)
    -CCST Story mode (Normal) Sub-16 (reckon I'd be able to snag the WR off of Koryan and keep it?)
    -CCST routing + 'decent' runs for both NG+ categories.
    -NEStris 500k (PB is somewhere in the 400k part on PAL yet I never took a picture. :()
    ❌Attend/Play at SGDQ
    ✔Attend/Play at CTWC

    Non-Tetris 2018 Goals:
    ✔Obtain a passport
    ❌Pass driving test
    ❌Finish off QoL improvements on P:A.M
    -Reprogram the BIOS chips on my SEGA Mega CD and Dreamcast
    -Digimon World Any% sub-17 speedrun
    ❌Digimon World Any% NMG sub-1:20 speedrun
    ❌Get new decal for Smallcab stick (I'm thinking a CTWC look right now. Any suggestions?)
    ❌Build a hitbox (Currently looking for at least PS1, MD and NES support.)
    -Yet again fail to explain the crow
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  19. ya



    2018 goals

    tgm1 sub 10???????????
    tap M
    death 750
    doubles w @Archina
    tgm1 or tap secret
    ti M?
    shirase S10? not particularly bothered about ti
    get ccst

    learn 2 drive
    get jamie to explain the crow (feat @thesoilknowsall)
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  20. >Nope, just barely missed it with a PB of 11:03:35. Still a good climb, though.
    >Nope, I had a few more S9s but even my best is a 9:07:58 so there's still much more to go.
    >Actually, yes. 927 is my best so far. There have been a few crazy runs.
    >Well I don't have the emulated version any more but I did get Fading MK on Texmaster so that's something at least.
    >Yes, it happened. It was awesome.

    So, what are my hopes for 2018?

    >Let's be greedy and say sub-10:40 in TGM.
    >TAP M grade because there's still plenty to go there.
    >Death GM. This shouldn't be further away than a year for me, it's just a matter of dedicating myself to it.
    >Fading MV and Invisible MK in TI Master. Very much possible for me to get either, just need to focus and play well.
    >Sub-4:45 Orange Line S13 in Shirase. Extremely difficult but I know I will always be dreaming of it.

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