New year's resolutions

Thread in 'Discussion' started by Qlex, 17 Jan 2016.

  1. Goals for 2017:

    Master GM
    Death GM
    Item mode S9
    Sub-5:00 doubles (probably going to happen this weekend at Magfest)

    Sub @EnchantressOfNumbers
    Sub-10:00 20g

    Provisional MasterK
    Shirase 700+
    Big Mode Master

    I figure you have to play high aim high to get high scores.
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  2. orz


    i'm going to research the different religions of the world and once i find which one is home to the most generous and awesome god(s) i will pray to them in hopes that a new tgm game is released before the next millennium
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  3. Goals for 2017:

    Any sort of minimal progress at all.

    If I could stop perceiving the game faster than it actually is, that would be a really big help.
  4. 2017 goals

    sub 11 (sub 10:30????) tgm1

    tap master s9 maybe M
    death M

    ti master M
    beat that fucking torikan
    pb sakura
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  5. Best of luck with that one. I couldn't even manage a full run of Aria by herself :V
  6. i forgot one

    beat @Archina at TAP VS and win doubles with him
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  7. Hiya, I know I don't post much, not really a forum person but I still play TGM on a semi daily basis.
    Goals for 2017 are:
    • GM
    • S3 Master
    • 300+ T.A. Death
    • S6 Master
    • 200+ Shirase
    • Memorize Sakura Run
    Also possibly find a rival around my skill level. Currently I'm consistent S3 in TI. PB S5. Also practice on a more daily basis. Nice to see everyone setting goals.
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  8. So far I've gotten up to 3-2 with Coda. Between that and Tetris my time is fully occupied!

    Thankfully I also got a copy of that TGM3 .exe last night, and I finally got it work, with proper resolution and custom controls, set up an account and password, all that good stuff. The quest to be legit has already gotten off to a speedy start!

  9. TAP:
    Master S9 (or M, even)
    Death M

    sub-11:00, how about sub-10:30?

    Maybe pick up TGMA???

    Get my game engine project into a usable state
  10. race
  11. A Master race?
  12. Sitting at Orange S8 in TAP Master, and at 500 ~2 seconds off torikan in Death. I did manage a 10:52:61 in TGM1, though. 1 out of 3 - EXCELLENT ...But let's go better next year!

    2017 Goals:

    • Sub 10:30 Gm (going to make @JBroms fight me for this one)

    • Master Mode: M (stretch goal: Gm)
    • Death Mode: Gm

    Tetris with Cardcaptor Sakura: Eternal Heart:
    • Sub 18-minute RTA in Story Mode Normal
    • Improve my RTA time in Story Mode Easy (not really sure what's a good target time at this point, maybe sub-10 minute?)

    Non-Tetris goals:
    • Sub 80-minute Zelda 2 100% All Keys
    • sub 65-minute Zelda 2 Any% No Out of Bounds
    • Complete a Zelda 2 Any% Deathless run (stretch goal: sub-65 minute)
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  13. goals for 2017:
    • get GM within 2 weeks / 1 month
    • get past 300 on T.A. Death soon
    • pray i get accepted to my dream college ;w;
    • finish developing some vidya gaems
    this should be fun. :p
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  14. I'm in for the Death M. ;)
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  15. Goals for 2017: play the game every now and then.
    And eventually play some nes tetris ^^
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  16. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Smaller and smaller gap :

    TGM : 9:35
    TAP M : M in 7:45 or Gm green
    TAP D : Gm in 5:45
    TAP Item : S9 in 9:20
    TGM+ : sub 10 (yes I have copied on Qlex, no way that I let this guy beating me here...)
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  17. 2017:
    • TGM 1 GM
    • TGM 2 999 (S7 or higher)
    • T.A Death 450
    • Shirase 450
    • NES 500k
    • GB 500k
    • Mega Turrican sub 17
    • Metroid Super Zero Mission sub 1 hour
    • Castlevania II: Simon's Quest sub 40
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  18. After being playing pretty casually over the last few years, my goal for 2017 is to play more, become consistent and increase my TGM rank from S6 to as high as possible. Let's say S8!

    Would also be nice to finally afford getting a TGM PCB and associated equipment - I've still only ever played on MAME with my keyboard. Tried streaming on twitch a few times but with MAME and OBS running at the same time it's incredibly laggy :(

    Finally, I need to hang out round here more often. Such a wealth of knowledge!
  19. I tried playing Tetris with a keyboard once - it's basically impossible. I even made a thread about it :3
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  20. I guess that's all I've ever done so I've become accustomed to it. I bet I'll be awful with a joystick and buttons ;)

    For the record I use A and D for left/right rotation, H and L for left/right movement and spacebar for down movement, basically allowing me to lock easily with my thumb while still setting up movement for the next piece. It actually feels fairly natural to me. I read your post on keyboard use by the way, and I fairly recently tried Tetris on Facebook (blitz or something?) thinking with my new found TGM skill I'd be able to blow my family away :p It didn't go quite as smoothly as I'd expected and just got frustrated with it.

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