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  1. Hi everyone. My name is Eduardo Tovar and I've been playing Tetris Battle on Facebook for a while now. After AGDQ Kevin revived one of my best childhood moments (watching the invisible rol) I decided to try TGM3 and hopefully be able to experience the invroll by myself. I got the emulator and mapped my keys to fit my keyboard (I use spacebar to lock my pieces). The problem is, I'm waaaaaaay too used to world mode and I don't want to quit playing on facebook, so I would like to ask your opinion on this matter. I really want to take this seriously and try to get a master grade (In these four months playing TGM3 I'm now being consistent in getting M2/3 grades). I've tried to play both modes and I got really confused when I switched between games, and it's really frustrating for me when I want to do it, the same happened when I switched mobas so thats maybe just something that happens to me :(
    When I watched the AGDQ stream someone said world mode was way too broken and nobody should play it. I agree its broken but I wonder how much of a casual can someone be if they achieve a really high grade on it.

    Thanks for reading and have a great day! I'm looking forward to be part of this community and I'm really thankful for everything you guys have done for the tetris scene so far. If anyone reading this is from Mexico, feel free to contact me! I'm looking for mexican players to start helping tetris the same way you're doing it.
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  2. Pretty much as casual as someone clearing the special round of Ketsui on easiest settings. I don’t know if you get the picture, but it means still being a monumental player haha

    The thing with World rule is that the only actual mode that is clearly easier to do in this game is Shirase. Easy is a little easier thanks to T-Spin Triples, Sakura is actually harder because of the rotation system, and as for Master, well…

    Having played the mode on both rules, I am m6 on World and m5 on Classic, with my three best performances being all m9 on Classic and M on World. What influences this is that I’m actually playing Classic rule with a stick that has an unresponsive Hold button, which more than once screwed my games haha.

    It’s easier to consistently clear the mode with World, but clearing is not the full picture of Master. You’re playing for the grade, not for an actual clear :3
    And with that fact, how slow you can get on instant gravity is not that relevant in getting a big grade, because… well you have to be fast to do that =p Same for the invisible part, you might clear it, but if you don’t clear enough lines you might get only a MasterV, which is still 3 grades short, lol.

    I’m interested to hear the arguments in the other side, but if you want a more concise opinion here’s mine :
    If you’re a Grand Master in World you are a Grand Master. Full stop.

    P.S. : m3 as high score is pretty good ! Congrats’ o/
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  3. If you want to play both modes and are happy investing in a joystick, then I'd go down that route and use joystick for Classic and keyboard for World/SRS.

    Tetlag (as it's called) from switching between modes and rotation systems is fairly common and happens to a lot of people, personally I got around it for a while playing Tetris DS and TGM simultaneously through the fact that one was on keyboard and one was on gamepad - for whatever reason it meant things mapped completely differently in my brain.

    If you were really asking us for our ideals then it would probably be to never play Tetris Battle again and Classic TGM4lyfe, but that doesn't work for everyone. Ultimately play whatever makes you happy - if that means World then so be it. There's less competition and if you get GM it won't get you the same respect from most TGM players as getting GM on Classic, but then if your choice is genuinely "which GM do I get" then I think you're massively underestimating the difficulty of the game :p. I'd say the worst part about limiting yourself to World and not playing Classic is that you miss out on TAP Master and TA Death - both interesting and challenging modes within their own right, and far more pure mechanically than Ti Master.
  4. All I can say is I switched to ARS a while ago. It was mostly because of how much I enjoyed TAP yet now when I go back to World on Ti I feel.. Dirty. It's way more forgiving when it comes to piece placement and rotations (just spam rotate on a piece until it goes where you want it to.) Though like the above comment says, if you want to play World instead of Classic then feel free. World uses the official rotation system (SRS) whereas Classic uses Arika's own system accustomed to older TGM fans (ARS). In my opinion ARS allows for more advanced manoeuvres due to the way the pieces rotate and it using sonic drop instead of hard drop. The game is also much more forgiving on Shirase when playing on World as you can play much slower on World and still pass the level timings.
    tl;dr ARS is better yet much harder and you have to get used to it. Choose whichever one you want.
  5. Muf


    This I think is still one of the best arguments against World. Argue that SRS allows faster placements until the cows come home; if that were true, you'd expect the World torikans to be equal to or shorter than the Classic torikans. But World is just more lenient in every way; technique, rotation, and speed.
  6. I don't think many people argue that for 20G. For 0G SRS is definitely faster, even ignoring sonic vs hard drop, it's just more efficient to be able to kick left or right rather than just right. But for 20G the wallkicks slow everything down in SRS, and upward spawn orientation isn't really that big a deal when you've got IRS in play anyway. It's definitely a lot more of a toss-up as to which is faster (compare Kevin's Classic Shirase record to [-Steve-]'s Shirase record on World).

    That said, I don't think one torikan being slower than the other is really any indication of anything. There's nothing to say they're both balanced with the same level of difficulty in mind or that, even if they were, the pool of test players that the balancing was based around were equally competent in Classic and World.

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