new madcatz wii stick.

Thread in 'Hardware' started by m:), 24 Jan 2010.

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    gamestop/eb gmaes has them in stock around me. does the online store system show you where you can find them near you? gamestop sells them online as well..

    on a side note, I 8-wayed my stick for the first time to play some tatsunoko vs capcom.. it's fun.. i think i need to grab a spare restrictor plate because switching back and forth is a pain.. I'm thinking i could make a door on the bottom of the stick to switch 'em out. I might be playing a little less tetris for a bit..
  2. Yay, finally listed it, and they have it for C$80 vs C$90 at EBgames, so I just placed an order.
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    nice, iphys is breaking over to the dark side. moving the restrictor from 8 way to 4 way will be just like on the HRAPs.
  4. So if you rotate the square gate to a diamond it goes from being 8-way to 4-way because you can't really hit the diagonals any more? Do you have to take it all apart to do that?
  5. It's very easy to do. I posted a link to it in the HRAP3 thread.

    On JLFs (and presumably these sticks as well) you can still barely hit diagonals with the restrictor in the 4-way setting. However, this is fine. The goal is mainly to prevent accidental diagonals, which the JLF restrictor still does a fine job of. It's not like hitting diagonals will destroy your game or anything, it's mainly just to prevent accidental drop/move simultaneous inputs.
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    yeah, open the bottom of the case, pop off the bottom restrictor place and the center piece can rotate 90 degrees in it's track... it's easy to do.
  7. Cool, thanks!
  8. It came today, and I just spent the past 5 hours playing with it. The stick feels pretty good, but I'm surprised they say the buttons are stiffer than Sanwa, because I can barely even feel when I push them, and I keep accidentally triggering them with the weight of my finger if I get lazy about holding my fingers over the buttons.

    The stick is great for being able to shift left/right while constantly holding down in Stage Racer, but for playing standard Tetris I'm still hitting diagonals by mistake, so maybe I'll try rotating the gate. The coolest thing is playing Bit.Trip: Void with it instead of the CC analog stick -- it generally seems easier only having to think of 8 directions instead of 360 degrees, and it rarely seems limiting.
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    i hate the button layout for tetris party.

    I use the buttons that are blue on the stick, thumb for hold and pointer for left, middle for right and index for alternate left. I never really have an issue with diagonals on tetris friends but I have it 4 wayed.

    do you have wiiji yet?
  10. The layout for T Party seems perfect for me, because when I play with keyboard I'm used to using j, k, and ";" for ccw, cw, and hold, and the R button for holding is to the right of the ccw and cw buttons on the stick.

    I 4-wayed it last night, and it works perfectly for never engaging the diagonals. I could slide along the gate from sideways to up in T Party, and it would hard drop, whereas that fails with 8-way. It's good for Groovin' Blocks too, because I have a problem with accidentally hitting diagonals in that game and misdropping. Interestingly, I also almost managed to make it through all 3 levels of Bit.Trip Void with 4-way too, lol.

    I've been using wiiji for a while, but I haven't configured the CC controls to use it with the stick yet.

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