new madcatz wii stick.

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  1. m:)


    is IGN smoking something funny here, these sticks aren't actually sanwa are they?

    stick review

  2. This can be interpreted in a few different ways, but one interpretation is that the stick isn't a real Sanwa, it's some rough imitation. Another is that the stick is something by Sanwa other than what's in the FSTEs.

    The only Sanwa I've ever used is in my HRAP3, so I don't know if different Sanwa joystick models have distinctive stiffnesses; I also don't have any experience to claim if sticks of the same model (like those in HRAP3s) have varying stiffness.

    My HRAP3 still has its non-Sanwa buttons it came with, so I leave interpreting if the buttons are Sanwa to others.
  3. Ugh, they called square gate 4-way. :sowsuser:

    Sanwa isn't listed as a selling point, -- just that the parts are "Japanese-style" -- so the parts should still be proprietary.

    JLW is a bit stiffer than JLF, but you wouldn't see one in a stick like this. My understanding is that JLW and OBSN are intended for mounting on wood panels while JLF and OBSF are intended to snap into metal panels and the like.
  4. Ohh, that is what they meant. For some reason I was thinking of a diamond shape, which would make no sense.

    I am wondering if this will be any good. I have the hori stick for the wii, but it isn't that good. I would be interested in it, since I do plan on getting TvC, although I doubt I will get that into it.
  5. Edo

    Edo a.k.a. FSY

    I'm pretty sure the stick and buttons aren't Sanwa.

    Here's another review with lots of pictures:

  6. That Destructoid fan review is much better than the IGN one. Makes the stick sound like it's worth getting even if you don't plan on upgrading it, even with its non-Sanwa parts. Of course, being a Wii dongle peripheral (like the nunchuk and classic controller), it's not the best unmodded stick to use with a PC...
  7. Zaphod77

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    Seems clear that, like most products based off the Hori Fighting Stick, that these are sanwa-styled parts. This means sanwa button clones, and a microswitch joystick with a square gate that is similar in design to the sanwa.

    Sort of like how an Z-Arcade has a HAPP-clone stick and buttons, and cherry-clone miscroswitches.
  8. m:)


    my hori fighting stick wii rocks!
    it's in a thread someplace around here.. but anyways you can sanwa that stick up cheaper then this thing is.(seeing as you have the hori already)

    my hori stick connects right up to my mac via blue tooth connected to the wiimote and works as a joystick (no key mapping)..

  9. I'm kind of interested in this stick, especially since the D-pad on the Wiimote is so awful. I don't really like the analog sticks either, so it's also cool that you can use this in place of those, which I don't think the Hori stick let you.

    I'm not too sure what the difference is between 4-way and square gate, but does it mean you can't register diagonals at all? I hate when I accidentally register diagonals on the D-pad or can't move perfectly straight horizontally or vertically with the analog sticks, but there are games where I would actually want to register diagonals.
  10. m:)


    the hori stick also works as a classic controller, but the stick is only the d-pad. it looks like the mad catz stick is easier to mod as, from what i've read, you do not need to alter the case at all. i was unaware the mad catz stick would work as an analog stick as well?

    as for 4 way vs 8 way, both will still read diagonals. the difference being a square vs a diamond, with the diamond you force the stick in a left/right/up/down direction due to the shape of the restrictor (4 way) with 8 way the corners are in the diagonal directions making them easier to hit. I never use my hori stick with my wii, but with tatsunoko vs capcom this week I think I'll start.
  11. It has a switch to select whether the stick corresponds to the D-pad, left analog stick, or right analog stick. I hate the position of the analog sticks on the Classic Controller, so this stick sounds like it would be awesome.

    Is it likely that you would accidentally register diagonals by mistake and hard drop a piece when you're trying to tap this stick to the side? That drives me crazy with the D-pad when I'm playing Tetris Friends. Fortunately, Tetris Party doesn't allow you to register a hard drop if you are holding sideways (guess they realized the Wii D-pads are awful), but it does allow you to register sideways motions when you are soft dropping, and even that annoys me a lot.
  12. m:)


    iphys, if you get this stick drop another $25 USD on a sanwa JLF! It's supposed to be easy to replace. I never accidentally drop with my sanwa, but it's got a proper 4 way.
    with tetris party the buttons are all on the bottom row however, and not logically placed. i considered rewireing but didn't want to deal with it breaking any other games.. like TvC which comes out tomorrow!

    They have a drop in replacement for the stick here
  13. m:)


    ign fixed their review, there is no mention of sanwa except in the user comments:

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  14. Zaphod77

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    a square gate can be set for 4 way (diamond) or 8 way (square)

    With 8 way mode, dragon punches are particularly easy.

    All these sticks that come with square gates default them to 8 way mode. SOme can be switched to 4 way.
  15. Can a diamond read diagonals? I know square can, but I don't think I have any experience with a diamond. I thought I heard somewhere that crane games use something like a diamond, so they only go left or right, and up and down, but nothing else. I could have imagined that though.

    Also I have seen your stick before m: ). I remember it from a previous thread. My stick isn't quite that nice as yours m: ), but it isn't bad for what they cost.

    If anyone gets the TvC stick please post about it. I like to hear what TC members have to say about sticks.
  16. Zaphod77

    Zaphod77 Resident Misinformer

    with some sticks, it's barely possible to hit the diagonals,k even if the square gate is set rotated 45 degrees. with other sticks, it's completely impossible.

    TGM games are designed with 4 way in mind, but programmed to try and remain playable on an 8-way.
  17. Someone linked me to this comparison between the new MadCatz TvC SE parts and Sanwa JLF/OBSF. MadCatz apparently went to great lengths to clone Sanwa parts. It appears the main functional difference between either one is the length of the springs -- MadCatz springs are one coil longer than Sanwa. Apparently you can replace the joystick spring with one from a JLF and have a very good stand-in for "the real deal." Did I mention they have the 4-way/8-way switchable gate?
  18. m:)


    i saw that to, but you still have to wonder about the overall quality of the cloned switches... will they last? madcatz reputation tends to stay on the low side of the quality spectrum.
  19. Perhaps. The switches would be easy to replace, though. You could buy individual switches if you needed to replace them at some point down the road, or go for a full stick/button replacement if you so desired.
  20. Wow, all those photos are crazy.

    I haven't had any luck finding a place in Canada to order this online, but supposedly EBgames carries it, so I'm going to try to see if I can pick one up next week.

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