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    They seem to really be playing up the e-sport aspects of the game. Well, I say that's great, but any game that wants to be played at a high level has to make considerations for high level play, which they arguably aren't doing these days in officially licensed Tetris games. Good to know they're thinking along those lines, though.
  2. would be crazy if they turned it into a spectator sport, but their progress is so slow right now...... i've been waiting almost a year for an american realtime multiplayer tetris game
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    Nice pic..

    1 : Most o fthe question were shitty
    2 : That was impossible for them to mention the existance of TGM..NOTHING ! for them this game never existed..
    Tetris is like the politic actually..
  4. I wonder if the author/interviewer knows what the TGM series is. He seemed to be referring towards another specific game for the entire interview.

    henk rogers: "...We are sort of in a situation like baseball was in the 1920s. We are about to have the Babe Ruth in a couple years, and thats going to blow the lid off Tetris and thats going to make it real interesting."

    Do you think he was referring to anyone in specific? and I don't think Babe Ruth is a good comparison for tetris all-star.
  5. It woudl be nice for a token TGM question but aside from that I thought it was good enough. Interesting to hear about Tetris Attack and how Lumines was supposed to be an actual Tetris game. ?And at least it sounds like they are working on this whole "sport" thing... Here's just hoping they actually work on it consistently and get somewhere. I know Henk has had vapourware projects before (where's that figureskating game? [​IMG]).
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    I'm amazed at how little these two "creators" of Tetris know about how the game works and what goes and what doesn't. "Passing the ball"? Sorry but that sounds incredibly lame and doesn't fit into Tetris gameplay anywhere. Compared to the ball game analogy and the ideas Henk seems to get from it, T-Spins look like fucking genius.
  7. I don't know, Team VS with defenders choosing who the attackers are targetting sounds interesting to me. Certainly better than the opposite, which has been done several times already.
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    Personally, I think any of the three TGM games in versus mode with items is a perfect spectator sport. The crippling items make for ooohs and aaahs all the time. Just listen to the reactions in my two deathversus videos.
  9. But the mechanic they're talking about is independent of the rest of that stuff. Take TGM versus, make it team based, and add the targetting mechanic they described. Does that still sound lame to you?
  10. That interview was very vague. I have no idea what they're planning based on it. If what they are developing can truly be treated as a sport, then it's a good thing because that implies it involves significant skill that takes dedication to master. Unlike, you know, Tetris games that follow the Tetris Guideline.

    And to be honest, the motto however you could make money, make money seems to match TTC to me.
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    My verdict that it sounds lame was more with an extrapolation in mind of how TTC would implement such an idea. If executed well, it could be a nice addition to team games, but it doesn't really sound like "the big thing" to make Tetris interesting as a spectator sport.
  12. Okay, so to make Tetris interesting enough to be a spectator sport, they want things like T-Spins and Combos. Tetrises and skillful downstacking, the gameplay I enjoy, is too boring-looking. I guess I can deal with that. =[ There's still no reason for non-random garbage, non-same-string garbage, and unfair targeting system (in lieu of evenly distributed garbage). Fast DAS and 20G are likely out because they'd probably be crazy enough to think spectators wouldn't be able to follow the pieces. In other words, while speed is impressive, it's not good for the spectators.

    How do you interpret the defenders/attackers idea, CT? I guess if you had 2v2: "Red" versus "Blue," both Red players might decide to attack the stronger of the Blue players (like focus fire in RTS games). Would a crowd find that interesting, though?
  13. I thought they meant that there were 3 or more players to a team, and one of the players on each team receives all garbage. However, that person can pass that responsibility to a "nearby" player. I'm picturing a team of n players all in a ring, passing CW or CCW around it. Depending on how stuff was all balanced, you could even have fairly distinct roles develop. Like Downstackers to take the garbage, Comboers who setup elaborate combos while shielded from the garbage that normally stunts them, and some Slammers who setup something like a Tetris TSD combo for when a sudden spike of garbage is needed.

    I don't think it's something as approachable as popular sports, but it sounds interesting.
  14. The problem with passing it around is that you can have 3 "offensive" players right next to each other and easily send 20+ lines of garbage in a couple seconds. Something like one random team member gets set to a death mode and then battles the other person. The remaining players in normal mode are set as support characters and could make the gameplay easier for there team or harder for the other team. People are wayyy more interested in "zomg uber fast tetris" than a normal game.
  15. what's the korean game they are talking about and where can i see it?
    i want a new tetris on dsi or psp...with 40 lines and online versus. [​IMG]
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    I've come across a video interview of both of them from E3 on IGN.

    Tetris Turns 25 article

    Interview part 1

    Interview part 2

    The second part of the interview has questions from the audiece. Henk says there's only one way forward forward for Tetris. So older versions getting re-released or remakes won't happen. But players will be given the ability to unlock or buy items to recreate the same experience in future games.

    And as expected someone asked about infinite spin. lol at Henk's reaction when he hears the question! ^^ It's interesting that Henk mentions a degree of custumization will be allowed in future versions of Tetris to give players e.g. the possibility to do away with infinite spin. His excuse for the implementation of infinite spin is that it did expand the Tetris userbase. And some devices have hard to use input methods so the software needs to be a little more forgiving.
  17. That's the same old story he's been giving since TDS was released. Creating a sport where people can customise their game rules just like <insert car analogy>. There's a fundamental problem with this though... Not all choices are competitively viable. Even if the game allows infinite spin to be turned off, you'd be placing yourself at a disadvantage in VS even if you didn't like that game rule.
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    And the only game where I've seen anything implemented like it is TOJ, where everybody just grinds/buys the fastest DAS and stuff. May as well have had fast DAS to begin with then.
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    Unless you can force a game rule on all players when you create a match. I believe that's called a "formula". For instance, NASCAR doesn't allow fuel injection, and IROC didn't allow customization at all in its three decades.
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    a funny coincidence in the background if you play TAP...

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