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Thread in 'Discussion' started by caffeine, 21 Nov 2005.

  1. everyone is welcome to post whatever is on their mind. have fun.
  2. Amnesia

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    Just to recover one time the oldest topic of this forum..

    Maybe nobody told you : Nice job caffeine ! [​IMG]
  3. schnappy

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    It's 1;30 down here in aussie land right now

    me sleep now... eyes bleeding >D:
  4. I think this is the first time on a forum that I've ever seen a 23-month bump.
  5. When I clicked this I thought there was an actual new non-Tetris forum rofl
  6. tepples

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    Unless we want to split it into tetromino stacking, other video games, and OT (Other Topics). But I think caffeine has vetoed that a few times.
  7. when i saw this, i was like: what? i didn't post this! and then i clicked and was like: ohhhhh.
  8. happy birthday tetrisconcept. sort of.

    congrats to caffeine. where did the idea of making tc came from ?

    was it because the official tetris DS forums were so dumb (never was there, but i remember reading it here) ?
  9. This site predated TDS by a fair margin.
  10. I started this site in May 2005. The forum in it's present form began in November.

    Hmm, let me think, why did I start TC again? Before TC, I had made two or three other Tetris sites on free servers just as a hobby. On them I described basic strategy and twists, etc. Then one day I was searching around the net, and as usual there was like zero good content out there, so I thought: a good, fresh Tetris website is needed. It would thrive simply because it doesn't exist yet. So I signed up with (freaking awesome web server, use them), and I started adding content in a blog fashion. I also had a page for a couple of Tetris articles I wrote, as well as some links and videos I made. I had thought about making a wiki, but I didn't think there was enough people (especially since the forum wasn't that big a hit back then). One day colour_thief was like, make a wiki! So I did, and we stayed up all night listing Tetris games and finding their date of publication. I'm kind of surprised the wiki worked out as well as it did. I think wikiTC was a little before its time. Not until this past year or so did people start making wiki's just for a single game in this amount of depth.

    Eventually I thought to myself that if this website was going to last, I had to de-personalize it and make it self-thriving without me needing to be the major contributor (although I'll always contribute). So I did away with the blog (partly cause some people I know figured out I had a website, and I didn't want them reading my nerdy Tetris stuff), and now it is how it is today.
  11. I quite liked the blog. I also remember ice-cream being offered in return for finding out certain dates for the releases of Tetris games.

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