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  1. Quiet in here lately - but here's one for ya:

    Chrissy Ford.
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  2. And another:

  3. New 0 to 19 record:

    I make it 6:52.26.
  4. Earliest max on a Level 18 start:

  5. Another one to track is maxouts in a row. Joseph and Koryan have done 4, not sure if anyone else has tied or bested that.

    Also, is this the only central hub there is for tracking world records? Are people just going by this thread to know if they set a world record?
  6. Hi Chad, I think most of the action (as far as talking about records) probably takes place on the CTM Discord server; pretty much all the active online players are also active there - plus there are a few 'record keepers', as far as PBs, etc go. I tend to post what gets shared there here and sooner or later the OP gets updated.

    I think Joseph got 5 back-to-back maxouts; I'll have to check on that one. I also think he got three 1.1s in a row the other day. The boy is insane.
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  7. Checked on the b2b record @Chad Muse and the word is that Joseph and Koryan have 4; Richard got 3 and then a 980; Dog got 3 and then his computer crashed; and Koryan probably takes it cos he actually got 4 1.1s in a row.
  8. Joseph Earliest Maxout lv 18 start at 178.26 Lines (WR)
  9. Holy smokes! Thanks for the info.

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