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  1. Here's another one still missing:

    Combined Score in Competition
    Joseph vs Richard in CTM January
    2,176,674 points

    Video isn't on Youtube yet. I saw that your Youtube account was suspended. Is it temporarily or permanently? Was it striked by CTWC staff?
  2. It isn't a record, SQR had a 450 or something.
  3. Dog (dogplayingtetris) has the youngest maxout at 12 years 1-2 months.
  4. I don't know if/where there is an SQR video, but again, these aren't records lmao.
  5. Interesting, I wonder what the actual score was then.

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    Why am I not shocked
  6. Another one to track is maxouts in a row. Joseph and Koryan have done 4, not sure if anyone else has tied or bested that.

    Also, is this the only central hub there is for tracking world records? Are people just going by this thread to know if they set a world record?
  7. Joseph Earliest Maxout lv 18 start at 178.26 Lines (WR)
  8. Holy smokes! Thanks for the info.
  9. Joseph Level 19 Start: 1,336,800 (WR)

    Joseph most lines LV18/19 start:
    287 (LV34)

  10. Female world record

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