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  1. Updated. Thanks all for the input.

    A player took exception to my uploading their game(s) and filed a copyright strike. Only received 1 notice but then the channel disappeared (supposed to take 3). Oh well. It was only really there in case players deleted their videos. But that doesn't seem to be an issue.
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  2. JD got 1,256,298 in his CTM January qualifier.

    Jake has had more 1.2s, plus a 1.29, a 1.28, a 1.26 and maybe 1 other 1.25s. He now has a PB of 1,297,412.

    Given all these scores and the way things are going, I've changed the 1.25 Club to a straight Top Ten.
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  3. Updated, and changed some categories.

    Haven't added the PAL "WR" though. I think more evidence needed to claim that.

    Retired all non-top scores too now. But there are a couple of databases here and here that may keep things more up to date.
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  4. Rich Ambler beat the NWC record last month:

  5. New No Next Box World Record was set a few months ago...

  6. It isn't a record, SQR had a 450 or something.
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  8. And this one, for the combined score of 2,267,928:

  9. No Next Box record has been broken again:

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  10. Here's a claim at the 100 lines record, from EricICX.

    Time is stated as 3.08 - though there is a note in the description saying Joseph actually got a 3.07 at the start of a 1.2 game, here:

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  11. Dog (dogplayingtetris) has the youngest maxout at 12 years 1-2 months.
  12. I don't know if/where there is an SQR video, but again, these aren't records lmao.
  13. Updated.
    Comment on Poet13's video by SQR:

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  14. Interesting, I wonder what the actual score was then.

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    Why am I not shocked
  15. I think someone one day accidentally transposed the 4 and the 5 in 405,000; told someone else; etc, etc.

    No new world records this week? :o
  16. Quiet in here lately - but here's one for ya:

    Chrissy Ford.
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