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  1. Hello
    I gathered screenshots of all my C scores

    Scores in ascending order:
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  2. Yesterday I asked Koryan how many 1.2s he had and he said he couldn't remember but maybe 10. You and him are waaaaay ahead of the pack there.
  3. Who also thinks that it's time for the letter D? ;)
  4. Thanks for those, Richard. And I see you got another one:


    All scores updated. But if Koryan really has 10 that means 3 of his are missing.
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  5. A new 1.2m player (Jakegames2):

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  6. Jake was 13 years and 270 days when he maxed out and got the youngest player record.
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  7. Jeff Moore has joined the 1.2 club. DanQZ posted this in Discord saying it was from Jeff's facebook:


    I had a chat with him about it in his stream today. He says transition around 600k, max on level 24/25 changeover, and just one of those lovely RNG games.
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  8. Why would you have a women's world record category though?
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  9. @PMYA looks to have gotten a new PB:


    He also posted in Discord saying he has 1.202, 1.250, 1.275, as well as the 1.281.

    Not sure if there's any vid for any of these, other than the 1.281. But looks like he's really going for the 1.3.
  10. Updated new scores, apart from the PMYA ones. I'm not sure if that screenshot above is really enough to confirm the second highest score of all time. Are you sure it wasn't done on a maxout trainer? PMYA has posted in this thread before so maybe he can confirm.

    As for Women's World Record, @galoomba - definitely debateable, so feel free to post why you think it shouldn't be there. I'm not 100% on it, but I think Andre made a good point - there are lots of sports where it's basically 'men' and then 'mixed', even when it's not to do with physical strength or size. Chess, darts and pool are a few that come to mind.
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  11. It wasn't on the maxout trainer. I don't record games if I'm not streaming, and I would not add anything to the list that doesn't have a video, so discount it.
  12. Whaaaat? What if you hit the 1.3 and there's no record of it? That would make me sad. :(

    Tho it is kind of badass being so meh it. :D
  13. Why not?
  14. I would suggest a different formatting for the 1.2m club (Maybe also rename as over 1.2m club to fit the new 1.3 record also there? Till there are multiple 1.3 scores?):
    <number> <name/nick> <highest-score> [<next-known-highest> ...]

    Would give a much better overview of who has reached it and how often vs current list that fudges both metrics quite heavily.
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  15. Well... this happened
  16. holy. living. fuck.
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  17. I guess now that Joseph destroyed everything I can retire the 1.2 club and start a 1.25 one.

    Here's all the 1.2's I had recorded up till today:

    The 1.2m Club

    Tyler P - 1,298,840 - 1,210,320
    "PMYA" - 1,290,803 - 1,281,145 - 1,275,xxx - 1,250,xxx - 1,202,xxx
    Harry Hong - 1,275,602 - 1,200,607
    Koryan - 1,273,120 - 1,260,240 - 1,257,740 - 1,244,100 - 1,239,260 - 1,213,580 - 1,202,940 (plus three more?)
    Richard Bagdan - 1,255,141 - 1,239,480 - 1,230,942 - 1,226,389 - 1,220,597 - 1,217,653 - 1,211,421 - 1,210,740 - 1,206,488
    Joseph Saelee - 1,255,100 - 1,233,840 - 1,229,240
    Jeff Moore - 1,252,854
    Jonas Neubauer - 1,245,200 - 1,211,402
    Nenu Zefanya Kariko - 1,221,960
    "Galoomba" - 1,211,460
    Jake Beaulieu - 1,208,901

    Unfortunately a lot of the links got messed up with the reformatting. But since 1.2 has been retired, it doesn't matter.

    If anyone wants to add more 1.2s they could just post a comment here. I'll keep adding 1.25s to the main post until that gets too long too.

    (I added PMYA's non-vid scores because I didn't see any reason not to.)
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  18. Nenu has 3 1.2 games apparently. Here's a clip of one.

    https://clips .twitch. tv/IgnorantEphemeralKuduDuDudu

    One day I will figure out twitch links.
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  19. These scores haven't been added:

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  20. Here's another one still missing:

    Combined Score in Competition
    Joseph vs Richard in CTM January
    2,176,674 points

    Video isn't on Youtube yet. I saw that your Youtube account was suspended. Is it temporarily or permanently? Was it striked by CTWC staff?
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