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  1. Updated. That's now 24 games of over 1.2 million. Might have to make it a new cut off point to keep that list sensible.
  2. Here's a video of Dana getting a maxout. It looks like final score is about +7,000 and I think this is the game Kitaru has listed on the front page (28+1.43).

    Kristen has a maxout video with about +13,000; again, this is the one listed as her earliest.

    Chrissy Ford's PB is 1,067,205, from a few weeks ago. She got the maxout at something like 27+5.

    And I think Elle Nolan (Professor_L) is +12,000 - or at least it was two months ago - so that would make Chrissy Ford the World Record Holder for this.
  3. Hello
    I gathered screenshots of all my C scores

    Scores in ascending order:
  4. Yesterday I asked Koryan how many 1.2s he had and he said he couldn't remember but maybe 10. You and him are waaaaay ahead of the pack there.
  5. Who also thinks that it's time for the letter D? ;)
  6. Thanks for those, Richard. And I see you got another one:


    All scores updated. But if Koryan really has 10 that means 3 of his are missing.
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  7. A new 1.2m player for ya (Jakegames2):


    PS Link to #11 (Richard) doesn't work.
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  8. Jake was 13 years and 270 days when he maxed out and got the youngest player record.
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  9. Jeff Moore has joined the 1.2 club. DanQZ posted this in Discord saying it was from Jeff's facebook:


    I had a chat with him about it in his stream today. He says transition around 600k, max on level 24/25 changeover, and just one of those lovely RNG games.
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  10. Why would you have a women's world record category though?

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