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    Holy shit !
  2. Reminds me of the fake maxout video I made. Looks like an interesting article, but I don't have time to read it now. I wonder if any info in it would help hack the single piece sequence for competition that was talked about. Guess I'll find out later.
  3. This. This was my reaction.
  4. The AI maxes out on single and doubles and has robotic hypertap ability. I don't think anyone would accept a photo of a 827 line max-out, so I think we're good! :p

    We already had this info -- well, I suppose Josh Tolles and I and some others had this info -- but this article compiles everything into a comprehensive, human readable format. (It's actually something I had really been wanting to do, given the time, but honestly I don't think it was going to come out looking nearly as nice as this does. :V) I think the big challenge of the "single piece sequence thread" was trying to do something ridiculous like fit it into a Game Genie code, but it should be more than feasible given a flashcart.
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    the single piece sequence uses your mario section score to set the seed, and then stops collecting entropy during gameplay, as recall.
  6. Non sequitur? This article is about NES Tetris, not NWC90.

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