Challenge: NES PAL Version, Try to beat my girlfriend.

Thread in 'Competition' started by KANEWTSKI, 22 Aug 2013.

  1. ... excuse me sir, what?!
  2. \]

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  3. The level of incentive here varies greatly depending on what the nudes are of. ;)

    Regardless, you do have me more interested in PAL Tetris, so perhaps Tetris could use more challenges of this form. :p
  4. oh jeez... i missed the PAL part. shit. i don't even own the PAL version so i guess i am not the particular man for that job...

    what are the differences between the two exactly?
  5. PAL level 19 is like a hybrid of NTSC levels 19 and 29 speeds. Playable, but just barely.

    I'd actually really like to give it a try, but not sure the best way to go about getting it.
  6. Okay. I guess this thread may have been more appropriate for my query.

    PAL has faster auto-shift than NTSC. I believe that it takes 6 frames (1/10 of a second) per shift when auto-shifting in NTSC, and I think PAL is something like 3 frames.

    NTSC drops the piece every 3 frames on level 18 (20 times per second), every 2 frames on Level 19 (30 times per second), and once per frame on Level 29 (60 times per second). It is based upon 60 Hz display(60 frames per second).

    PAL is based upon a 50 Hz display. PAL drops the piece every two frames on Level 18 (25 times per second), and once every frame on Level 19 (50 times per second). Level 19 is the maximum drop speed (like Level 29 in NTSC).

    So since the PAL version drops the piece a bit faster on the higher levels (25 vs. 20 drops per second on Level 16 through 1B), they bumped up the auto-shift speed to compensate. Level 19 on NTSC drops the piece every two frames, but it takes six frames to shift the piece left or right; Level 19 on PAL drops the piece once every frame, but it only takes three (I think?) to shift left or right.

    Chad, I am bringing the PAL rom with my Wii, so you could sort of see what it is like, but it will display at 60 hz rather than 50 hz, so I have no idea what that means in reality.
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  7. so does this mean no nudes?
  8. At that point, I guess it depends on what emulator you're using and how it behaves.
  9. amen.
  10. Does anyone know what Jani's personal best is on PAL?
  11. 716,579.

    I don't have a PAL NES yet, so mine is running faster than it's supposed to. Level 19 is basically unplayable right now.
  12. And without warning, Ben needs to think twice about bringing up Tetrisconcept at work, haha
  13. Muf


    Come on where are the nudes
  14. pantsuuuuu
  15. You are using a PAL cart in a NTSC Nintendo?
  16. Yessir.
  17. I should mention, its a Cylon model (i.e. toaster).

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