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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. Uli


    Finally bought a PAL NES on Friday ... so let's start to record my scores.
    Start Level 9
    died at level 19 straight away (191 lines).

    A few questions ... read a lot of forum post the last few days and the following I'd still like to know:
    - the people who can play level 19+ on PAL - what kind of controller do they use? On youtube they don't sound like my mushy controller ... since this is the only NES controller I ever touched, I don't know what a good one feels/sounds like.
    - Do people who can play level 19 rely on DAS? I use DAS heavily until level 18 ... but I cannot do it on 19, so is it technically not feasible to use DAS then?
    - I have a HD CRT TV (yes, this existed for a short time 12 years ago) connecting the NES through the red/yellow cable. Is this as good as it gets? the picture is awful ... on level 16 I kind of guess which of the violet pieces is which - the tiny rocket you get when you het to not that many points looks like a wiggly snake when it moves upwards.
    - I use a 4/3 aspect ratio on the TV, but the pieces feel slightly stretched horizontally, which messes with my Gameboy honed instincts ... is this the same on all CRTs? The youtube videos kinda look like this as well.

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  2. Hey Uli! Great to have you on the forum!
    I use an original NES controller, and I know Jani does as well. Using DAS on level 18 and 19 is absolutely possible, everyone that is able to play those levels solely relies on DAS on the PAL platform. I haven't yet heard of anyone that has found a way to make hypertapping beneficial for them on PAL since DAS is already a fair amount faster than on NTSC. I can't answer your CRT questions though. Hope to see some more great scores from you! :)
  3. Uli


    Thank you Svavar.
    I just booked flights to Copenhagen, looking forward to talking to you next month.
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  4. -JJ


    - it's highly recommended to use just a regular ORIGINAL controller, the original controllers are something like 30 years old, all of them tend to have their own special characteristics nowadays :) You might want to try other peoples controllers once in Copenhagen! In any case, it doesn't really matter exactly what kind of controller you use as long as it suits your own style. And btw, if you listen to Jani playing lvl19 (or basically any level...), it always sounds like the controller is about to break in half - it sounds horrible (youll see..or hear)!! :D
    - Like Svavar said, DAS is the only way to go past lvl 19 on PAL systems. It's tricky but undoubtedly possible
    - I played my first PB's on a 100 Hz CRT -> after I realized that any kind of picture processing is VERY BAD in Tetris (for especially DAS!) I wouldn't play on any other than a dumb (as opposed to "smart") 50 Hz CRT. I believe that your HD CRT is absolutely wonderful for all OTHER kinds of retro games but, unfortunately, not for Tetris.
    - You can get rid of all the aspect ratio etc. problems if you get a natively 4:3 50Hz CRT :)
    - You gonna participate in the Game Boy competition in Copenhagen (assuming there is a GB competition)? Are you any good in the GB Tetris 2 player mode? :)

  5. Uli


    Hi JJ.
    Let's see if I get bitten by the NES Tetris bug in Copenhagen ... if yes, I'll look into replacing the CRT.

    It actually was a Jani Video which made me question my controller in the first place.

    Of course I'll take part in the GB competition ... I played a few dozen 2P games many years ago and I thought I am useless at it ... mainly because it took me embarrassingly long to figure out how the garbage behaves. Once I realised this, I did not see the point of continuing to play 2P. However, I'm now too old for younger-me prejudices, so it should be very interesting to arrive at a strategy which works best when 2 good players play each other. No spoilers, please ...

    My goal is to qualify for the NES finals and enjoy the GB sessions.


    P.S. ... my style is thumb-thumb - as intended by the Nintendo gods ;)
  6. -JJ


    Well, it's only about a year and a half since I bought my first Game Boy + Tetris + link cable and played 2P games with a friend. I feel that I still haven't figured out exactly how the garbage behaves but, nevertheless, I'd like to think that I'm a fairly decent GB Tetris 2P player :) Maybe we meet head-to-head in a GB match at CTEC!

    Last year, my goal in the CTEC NES competition was to be among the top 8 players, which I was, so I think that's a good goal for this year also :) However, I know that this time it will be considerably harder to be among those top 8 players as there are quite many of us now who are approximately at the same skill level. In any case, it just means that the NES competition will be an interesting, exciting and perhaps even a dramatic event! :D

    During last winter I ended up switching my style on Game Boy from thumb-thumb to index-index. But I don't think there are any right or wrong styles as long as the style feels right and, most of all, comfortable for yourself :)

    P.S. a dubious bunch those Nintendo gods and Higher Beings of Tetris or whom ever there might be watching over us and our puny efforts to stack a few pieces in just the perfect order…. :D

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