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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. Hi to everyone. Finally posting first result. Been playing Tetris much more lately. Jani has helped by providing CRT tv and that's made all the difference. Got new record in just two days. My PB is now 562205, 192 lines, starting lvl 9.
  2. OK, updated! I finally got some programming work done that makes updating these NES threads much smoother. Please let me know if you spot any discrepancies and I'll correct the bugs/errors. Similarly, let me know if there is anything missing.

    EDIT: In fact I already spotted a discrepancy! Fun. I have a bug to hunt down and fix, but then this should be clean.
    EDIT2: Fixed? Maybe!
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  3. Hi All, thought I'd get around the posting my score I got recently. Aiming to crack 600k if I get enough playtime in. Would love to make the TEC next year. I love Denmark. 565898 was a tough slog, was all over the place. Started level 9. Question - what's with all the +9etc next to level achieved on the high score table?
    Cheers everyone!
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  4. New PB. 601200. 192 lines with level 9 start.

    Last lines I played almost too safe since I didn't try to do tetris after I realised that 600k can be made using singles and doubles only.
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  5. Wow, finally cracked 600k!! It's been my goal for a long time, haven't been playing that much recently either. Busy with Zelda on Switch.
    Started lv 9, had to burn way too many lines early on, but finished really well on level 16-18, piled high on left, right at the end before i hit 19, and boom, long bar! I felt really positive when i started and was playing differently, as i was keeping an unusually clean wall, i was that much in the zone i cant really remember what its was i was doing different though. Oh well. So happy!! Now back to Zelda.
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  6. I decided to give the PAL version a try. I am enjoying switching it up from NTSC. I have been improving my PR's often since I started, and today was a good day. I broke 650k for the 1st time! If you have a chance Alex could you update the leaderboard? Thank you.

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  7. Finally bought myself a real Nintendo, a PAL NES one! Still getting used to playing with a real controller as opposed to a USB-controller or a keyboard, although I suspect that the used one I got with the console is kinda dodgy, the D-Pad is really loose and the A and B buttons don't react sometimes. Probably gonna order a new one online.

    Managed to get a +500k game. I'll keep practicing and come back with some higher scores soon!

  8. Hi there, sorry for the late reply. That would be the number of lines achieved in that level.

    In the NTSC scoreboard, we also track "fractional lines" for max-outs -- that is, if you only need a fraction of the points from the last tetris to cross the finish line, you get credited for that appropriately. We may not ever need the decimal points for PAL, but I use the same program to generate the scoreboard for both NTSC and PAL (hence the extra decimals for now). :p
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  9. Slight improvement. 575,719 and 192 lines starting from Level 9.

  10. -JJ


    That was intense! :) 519209 lvl 9-18
  11. Messed up what could have been my 600k. 19+2 starting from 9.

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  15. Damn! That was a clean run. Keep'em coming :D

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