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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. I don't want to take your only one, unless you're not planning on keeping it for the long term. I am, of course, interested if you want to part ways with it at MGC. Either way, much appreciated!
  2. i am almost certain i will be willing to sell it when i get there. especially to recoup some of the $750 it is costing me to fly there for two days of merriment... :(
  3. new high for me (barely): 608,163. kevin birrell is letting me borrow his PAL TV so i can practice so i should post some more PRs soon. can't want to meet and play everyone over there!
  4. Alright, so after arriving back home after the TEC obviously I had to start playing some PALtris. And I really hope to be in the top 16 for next year if TEC 2016 happens! First score, didn't record or take a picture but it's a bad score anyway. I'll get a picture next time, promise!

    375300. Died on level 19, started on 9.
    Now, why couldn't I get a score like that during the event..
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  5. 375300 is pretty good if you're new to NES, I think :)

    For the record, here's the top qualifying scores for the event, I don't know if we are adding people who don't submit their scores themselves though, and they probably aren't PBs :)

    1 Christian M 602,577
    2 Jani 583,364 (janutzska)
    3 Svavar 574,980
    4 Linus 568,869 (Acidboy)
    5 Terry 561,957 (wasmachstdugern)
    6 Vince Clemente 526,870
    7 Sabina 521,328
    8 Jessica 510,836
    9 Erik E 474,499
    10 Michael Dyst 460,792
    11 Adam Cornelius 449,551
    12 Matt P 368,977
    13 Qlex 333,965
    14 Simon J 303,965
    15 Muf 277,022
    16 Simone 230,876
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  6. i believe linus was the four seed too :)

    you cant forget to add the champ!
  7. Uh yes, someone must have removed him from the list!? I'll have to check the stream archive.
    edit: Updated the post!
  8. So this happened today...
    Score: 534465
    Level start: 9
    Level died: 19

    ():) I'm done with this game ():)

    [​IMG] [​IMG]
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  9. new high: 580,984 -- 2 lines into level 19 [​IMG]
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  10. Jessica from Sweden here, finally able to create an account on TC :) I look forward to see the updated highscore list; must've happened a lot only this year and since the competition!
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  11. Nice! We should have a solid ranking! I'll get to the game when I have time, in a few decades.
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  12. A new second personal best! And an update for my best video in the highscore list ;)


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  13. Hello This is my new personal best 530 976 (lvl.18 +5) starting level 11.

    Attached Files:

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  14. Finally updated! Sorry to everyone for the long wait! @Rabarber's score sat in the queue for 2 months. :( Off-channel scores from Facebook were also in limbo for quite some time. If there were any of those that I missed, please let me know!
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  15. [​IMG]
    I always start at level 9. Previous best was around 550k but was lost in a power reset. Some lucky pieces helped me get to this new highscore. Next barrier 600k?
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  16. Hello! Sabina's highscore is 644 200. (level 9)
  17. Hi .My new record is 545 803 starting level 9 , 190 lines (lvl19).

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  18. Catching up on things. Does anyone have Jedi's score? The image link in his post is broken. :s
  19. New highscore! DSC_0028.JPG
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  20. 409,132 during CTEC. Lv 9 start. Don't remember lines or ending level (didn't reach 19)
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