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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. Learned some new tricks with L and J blocks and made my way out of last position : P


    started on 11
  2. Great, now it´s my turn again B)
  3. My record for PALtris, had such a good game. This beats my record for NTSC tetris of 432,100 (on an emulated console). Started at level 9 and hit level 17. Would love to break 500k soon.

  4. Updated. Apologies for the delay!

    If you have one available, I highly recommend playing on a CRT. Playing on an LCD or other HDTV will almost certainly introduce a delay between the action and what is displayed on screen, although the severity varies depending on the model and picture settings.
  5. Hey dudes, My girlfriends name is Jessica, she got a new personal best today

  6. Personal best again, [​IMG]
  7. Whew, it starts becoming quite busy! 600k+ for PAL Tetris is a pretty good feat!

    Am I the only one who wants to see PAL NES Tetris videos?
  8. Nice!

    Well, I'm not a specialist, but it feels some decisions were either too safe or too unsafe. Sometimes it seems clearly noticeable you're waiting for a specific piece, and perhaps you don't always pay attention to how the next piece could be placed according to the one you are currently having?

    And sometimes you go for a double when I think you could go for a riskier strat involving waiting for the line piece and see what happens

    Once again, I'm not an expert by any means, I won't even come close to 500k anytime soon. Just my two cents really :)
  9. thanks! I think you're right. I try to avoid getting into situations where I have less than 3/7 chance to get the piece i need, but there definitely is room for improvement there. And I can use the next button better, I try to do that when my mind is relatively at rest but forget it too often when my head becomes full (or i fall out of the zone if you will).

    The risktaking in my games is a bit weird, as ive really been trying to crack 500K the past week (rather than just playing and training and see what score I get), so the amount of risk I take is at times influenced by me looking at my score. I should stop that really. :)

    Are you playing NES PAL at all? It's an awesome game, we need more players here :). I think there is a lot more to say about PAL specific strategy as well, but that discussion still needs to be opened...
  10. Yeah, I'd personally wish to get my hands on an actual NES, and that's gonna be difficult... I'll try and look for that though!
  11. Muf


    I can proxy buy you one and hand it over during the Eindhoven meeting.
  12. Oh, holy crap! With the game and all? That would be amazing!

    Let's talk about it, I've been a bad pupil but I swear everything will go back to normal :)
  13. congrats baby! great game, and what a bday gift. you're getting into pretty elite status!
  14. Niels, your new record has inspired me ;)

    Here is my new personal record:


    My best start ever with 14 Tetris in a row!

    In the middle of the game, I think, I should have been more risky.

    But I think also, I slowly reach my limit...
  15. I'm going to have to lift my game here, my tv blew up recently and haven't yet bothered to move my nes to another room.

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