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  1. Updated. Let me know if there are any issues.
  2. Name: Emmanuel Solera
    Country: France
    Score: 552002 (Level 9 Start, 17 End, 179 Lines)
    Date: 12/06/2020
    Hardware: Emulator (Nestopia) with Hyperkin controller

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  3. Player: Poet13
    Score: 781240
    Starting Level: 18
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  4. After a long time one day with 2 pbs, 560,220 in 19+1.00 so close to get a 19 tetris, too... 20200810_210743.jpg
  5. Not a very high score, but PB in terms of level and number of lines. ;)

    game 32301 – trns 19.png game 32301 – top out.png game 32301 – stats.png

    Started from level 9, first time in level 2017 lines on kill screen.
  6. Hi guys,
    it's been so long in the desert... I'm happy to share a little improvement today.
    And I have it on video this time!
    PB 548945 @ level 9 to 19, on an actual NES.
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  7. This is my new PAL PB.

    Name: Mark
    Score: 703120
    Level: 18-19
    Country: Germany
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)

  8. This is my new PAL PB.

    Name: Mark
    Score: 717240
    Level: 18-19
    Country: Germany
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)

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  9. Score: 511368
    Level: 9-17
    regular NES Pal

  10. This is my new PAL PB.

    Name: Mark
    Score: 728180
    Level: 18-20
    Country: Germany
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)

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  11. Hi again!
    My son Aapo (9yrs) is playing Tetris with me time to time and is now on the list:
    57--Aapo--------------- 322,012 - 16+?.00 - NES (9)

    We have been in home for a week now due to illness and he's been tackling the game again, so yesterday i promised that if he can break his own record, i will buy McDonalds meals to the whole family and here is the outcome :D

    The start was from lvl15, and this is the score when transitioning, he couldn't burn any lines at 16 if i recall it right.

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  12. Hey Pretty nice to see you post again that's not a bad score. Congrats to him :D!
  13. level 18 start - 19+1 lines
    673840 points
    Name: Kdenye (Tetrisboyo)
    pretty nice after so long of not posting here.
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  14. 18 start - 19+0
    695460 points
    Kdenye / tetrisboyo
    Pretty good game.
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  15. Some updates.
    First game of the morning, start was from lvl9 this time. Was able to burn only 1 line in lvl 19.
    Score: 570045

    From my son Aapo also a new record. Start was from lvl 9, can't recall how many lines he burned in lvl 18.
    Score: 481953

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  16. Ok my son is killing it, he was so hyped that he forgot to write his name down when he got this, and he was super mad about it cause he believed that no one will believe it's his score. I told him to write the name for the next score so that everyone can see it's his playing.

    Player: Aapo
    Score: 540 940
    Start was from lvl 15 and he burned one Tetris in lvl 19 and then topped out.

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  17. T
    That's awesome! :D
  18. Ok, i got a smaal increasement, that 600k mark aproaching soon i hope :)

    Player: Karelia185
    Score: 585 680
    Start: lvl 18
    End: lvl 19 (no lines burned)

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