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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 10 Mar 2014.

  1. Due to significant physics differences between the NTSC/PAL versions of the game, this thread is for PAL only. (Playing on a North American copy of the game? Head on over to the NTSC NES scores thread.)

    Play A-Type starting from any level, no scoring glitches (e.g. start with a free tetris, etc.) or debug features.

    Rank--Name---------------   Score -   Level - Comment
       1--janutzska---------- 725,510 - 23+9.00 - NES (9)
       2--Sabina------------- 681,043 - 19+?.00 - NES
       3--Jessica------------ 679,763 - 19+?.00 - NES (18)
       4--Svavar------------- 634,780 - 20+8.00 - NES (18) - video of 603200 -
       5--Erik--------------- 628,563 - 19+?.00 - NES
       6--acidboy------------ 618,840 - 19+?.00 - NES
       7--wasmachstdugern---- 608,163 - 19+2.00 - NES (18) - video of 607456 -
       8--Kitaru------------- 604,913 - 19+?.00 - NES (9)
       9--Christian M-------- 602,577 -         - NES
      10--Jesse L------------ 601,200 - 19+2.00 - NES (9)
      11--Jedi--------------- 582,510 -         - NES (9)
      12--Niels_S------------ 580,984 - 19+2.00 - NES (9)
      13--R05SCO------------- 565,898 -         - NES (9)
      14--boblaze------------ 562,594 - 18+7.00 - NES (13)
      15--Stiban------------- 555,938 -         - video - video of 518712 -
      16--Rabarber----------- 545,803 - 19+0.00 - NES (9)
      17--Kevcel------------- 534,465 - 19+?.00 - NES (9)
      18--Boris K------------ 471,828 - 18+?.00 - NES (9)
      19--bj3spencer--------- 461,504 - 17+?.00 - NES (9)
      20--Qlex--------------- 438,473 - 19+?.00 - NES (9)
      21--Burbruee----------- 409,132 -         - NES (9)
      22--TPM2209------------ 326,680 - 18+?.00 - NES (9)
      23--Jussi R------------ 284,620 - 18+?.00 - NES (15)
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  6. Seeded the board with scores from here and there. I could potentially pull some things in from the Twin Galaxies backups floating around as well.

    Anyway, PAL thread is open for business! :)
  7. Well done Kitaru! I might try some PAL too :)
  8. Thanks for making the thread kitaru! I have been trying to crack 400k for way too long now, but i just keep choking :). I did just slightly up my PR though!

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  9. aand: choke

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  10. You're so close! Good score anyway, keep it up :)
    I tried too but I make too much confusion with NTSC scrolling speed...
  11. Yeah, NES PAL :biggrin:

    I try to improve myself B)
  12. 397845

  13. Thanks for the support Simba! On to 500K...

  14. I finally did it! 400k and more :)


    I do not think I'll ever reach 500k

    The maximum is 100 lines = 300k at level 9

    My best performance to reach 300k was between 110 and 120 lines.

    At the latest I can do at level 13 as good as no more "Tetris", because I have to be at the bottom for level 16. There it is getting too fast for me, so I only can break down individual lines on the way to level 19.

    Does anyone have a suggestion for improvement or training?

    P.S.: Sorry for my bad english, google helps me ;)
  15. From your message I think I understand that you don't know this yet: if you hold A when you press start when choosing a level, you start 10 levels higher. So you can practice level 16-18 by selecting level 8, hold A and press start! And: nice games!
  16. That is very good. Maybe she is the second best PAL tetris player in the world. At least I don´t know other players. Over 600 000 is magic results. I have two times reached 700 000 magic limit. Maybe I will never get that again but It is a work in progress.
  17. I don´t understand this sentence:

    "no scoring glitches (e.g. start with a free tetris, etc.) or debug features."
  18. Basically, don't use any bugs or cheats to earn free points.

    The score bug I had in mind: soft reset (A+B+Select+Start) the game during the line disappearing animation (e.g., flashing screen for a tetris). Start another game and you earn those points for free when you place the first piece. (This video isn't the best demonstration, but if you watch this you can see he earns 771 points for dropping the first block. You can do the same thing for a tetris.)

    The PAL version also has a leftover cheat that the programmers used when testing the game. This cheat makes scoring 999,999 very easy. I won't say what it is, but, if you do find it, I think it goes without saying that it cannot be used for scores submitted here.

    I trust that I don't need to outright require video submissions for every single score entry to verify cheats are not used, but I might start asking for video if someone decides it would be funny to abuse that trust.
  19. Hey Jani! good to see you in person in the PAL thread, heard a lot about you!

    Here my latest high score [​IMG]
    after I took a second look at Kitaru's table ( really useful stuff!) and decided to start on level 11 rather than 13 (which I did until now). It's level 9, level 11 or 18 for me from now on I guess!

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