Challenge: [NES NTSC] Most Tetrises In A row....Level 18...

Thread in 'Competition' started by DavidV, 16 Jan 2014.

  1. thanks jake... I have no doubt that u can get 25 as well... with the right mixture of luck/skill and beam anything is possible.!!.. u already got 19 right?? what's 6 more for a player of your caliber....
  2. New PR on level 18 tetrises in a row

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  3. That was jaw dropping!! I love it!
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  4. DLo


    I could be miscounting but that was 28 in a row, no? Either way that was INSANITY. Well done
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  5. Thank you. Yes it was 28 in a row. My previous best was 25.
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