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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    yeah, you are probably right come to think of it. I only found out very recently that tetris scores are actually given based on the the level you end up on, not the level you start on. So i survive another day hahaha.
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    Very nice Josh! Good jump on the previous high.
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    New high score for A Type: 575,500:) Started on Level 18, 192 lines

    I got this score last month and just getting around to posting it.

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    i wonder if we should also add wiz at 833k on level 25 to the list.

    He showed me this on a cell phone pic about a year ago ;)... just for the sake of completeness :)
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    @getzie: Nice score, getting up on toward 600k! :)
    @Ben: Yeah, I wanted to add Mike; I asked him to submit the score when we were talking at PRGE, but haven't been in contact since. Thanks for reminding me of the value on that one.
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    Not a new Level 18 record, but it's my 3rd time I've reached the 700's.

    184 lines
    5 tetrises at 19 speed

    I do however have a new record for a level 19 game (437,800) - I'm hoping some better play on 19 will eventually increase my level 18 score.
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    looks like skouie nearly hit the bigtime with a 993!!!!!!

    Good work Louie!
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    @Kitaru: I remember you earlier wanted to attempt making a guide to NES Tetris. Any progress on that?

    I'm sure a guide would be tremendously helpful to a lot of people here. I remember struggling with getting the mechanics of TGM1 down, but the moment I read a TGM guide my scores vastly improved.
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    Tiny administrative update: I updated the max-out score line counts to reflect Ben's observation that scores are calculated after level ups. No positions changed, but the new decimal line values should more closely reflect "the exact moment of max-out," as it were. (Matt's decimal line value increased by 0.01 because my scoreboard tool rounded up in a spot where I had apparently rounded down. Not that it'd ever change any results -- the tool just does the rounding/truncating when printing out the table and still has the more precise calculation saved in the player info file.)

    Anyway, if you notice any errors in the new calculations, just let me know and I'll go squash any latent bugs in the scoreboard tool.

    @Zowayix: The guide is still definitely a thought, especially given that a handful of our friends in Japan are now giving the game a go. (If I haven't started on it by the end of this week, someone should scold me. :p)
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    heres one: posting for a fellow whos login might be having a difficulty or 2

    Jake: 627,683 level 19 (not a level 19 start i mean, just at that level)
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    Hello, all. I just wanted to introduce myself to the board and thank you all for the postings. After probably a 10 year absence (!) from NES Tetris, I picked it back up about a month ago after finally watching EoO. What inspiration!

    I had a score in high school of 600k+ at 210 lines from lvl 9. That was about my best back then. I didn't know until after watching EoO and looking at some threads that you could start +10 lvls. :facepalm:

    I'm getting some 100k+ runs starting at lvl 19 already. Just trying to build a good foundation before going forward with serious high score attempts. I've logged a couple near 500k from lvl 18, but I'm not going to bother recording until I'm over 600k. Of course, in the end, I'm trying to max. O_O

    Anyway...I've been silently watching threads and videos for the last few weeks, so I figured I should finally jump on board. :p Thanks for indulging me and for all of your great play!

    -Ben (2?)
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    Welcome, (new) Ben! ;) I've added your 600k+ score to the board for now. Feel free to post any updates on your progress. :D
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    A new ben!!! and a good one at that from the sounds of it!

    Thank goodness i finally maxed. So many people passed me up when i was close. If a new ben had come and ALSO passed me, i would have cried. But instead i cheer your efforts to max, and invite you to the next championship (when and wherrever that will be haha) There is also a smaller one in Milwakee a few folks are going to in march (if you happen to live near there) at the Midwest gaming classic... but i digress.


    Edit: I just checked noticed you are from michigan so 2 notes on that: 1) Thank goodness you dont live within a 100 mile radius of downtown L.A. (a creepy number of good tetris players do) 2) you actually might live close enough to come to Millwakee :) some year any way.
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    Thanks for the warm welcome, guys!

    @Alex: That's generous putting my old score on the board. I appreciate it. :D I promise not to keep you waiting long for a good contemporary run...hopefully by the end of the week.

    @The OG Ben: I actually live just over 3 hours from Millwakee. I could most likely make the trip. To be honest, my game has a long way to go, but I should be in the ballpark for competing by then. :) If you feel inclined, hit me up through email if there's anything I need to know going in to the tourney.
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    awesome!... If you want to, certainly come to MGC...

    You might be surprised at how good you could do... simple fact is that although you see a front of great things from the so called "greats" of tetris, they are the best we have done, belive me we are very much human and very much beatable (jonas exculded of course).

    So come on out, who knows, you may just win, but even if not you'll be able to meet some of the community and hang out :)
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    Got my ticket for MGC. I'm looking forward to a good time! :D

    Quick note on the high score: Um...there's really nothing to report. I'm probably done trying for the weekend. I choked away 400k @ 90 lines on lvl 18. So, yeah. That pretty much broke me. Too many runs like that the past few days, but I'll get back at it soon. I suppose I should be encouraged that I'm on pace for something good. :\
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    How's the guide coming along? ;)
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    I've been wrestling with some Real Life Garbage. I'm done with a midterm that was of particular concern, so I'm coming out the other side of the tunnel. I'm going to try to start working this week, then.

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