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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    Here is my take on things:
    TGM1 GM
    TGM2 Death M
    NES Level 29?
    TGM2 Master M
    TGM2 Master GM
    TGM1 GM under 10 mins
    TGM2 Death GM
    NES Tetris 999,999

    It's a bit tough to make hard-and-fast comparisons due to the playstyle differences between NES and TGM (or, to an extent, even within the TGM series). However, I feel that NES Level 19+ play is similar to TGM2 Death 500+ in spirit. However, on top of the challenge in merely surviving to the end, a NES max-out enforces a strict minimum requirement on tetrises. NES is probably easier by comparison to play for simple survival if you want to reach Level 29, but it's the constant pressure to score well earns max-out a higher placement on the list. (Interesting then, that TGM3 Master forces you to consistently earn tetrises at Death 500+ speeds...)
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    Finally broke 400k. Lack of DAS is really hard to get used to :o. This was on an emulator on Xperia Play.

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    Actually, DAS is still the way to go in this game -- it's just tuned very differently. :)

    I need to make a NES guide. :p
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    I played a couple games after seeing a post you did a while back on keeping the DAS in NES Tetris charged, and scored ~350,000 after a couple failed games. I think I remember something about a trick using diagonals on the dpad or something like that too? Cant remember. Anyway, there should definitely be a NES guide ;)
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    Diagonals are for a really obtuse trick not in common practice. The general idea is to skillstop DAS or use wall finesse when possible, change directions during ARE, and know you lose DAS and need to build it back up somehow if you tap a direction during active time.
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    I think you're a bit off on the TGM difficulty rankings! I think, at least as far as TGM2 goes, TGM2 Master GM is harder than TGM2 Death GM. Everybody I know that has earned both has earned the Death GM first, and there are 11 Death GM's on this board versus only 4 Master GM's.

    You're forgetting just how hard the M roll is for most people man! (Ask Amnesia... ;)

    I think, the following order is more accurate. (I'm throwing TGM3 in for shits and giggles).

    TGM1 GM
    TGM2 Death M
    TGM2 Master M
    TGM2 Death GM
    TGM2 Master GM GL
    TGM2 Master GM OL
    TGM3 Master M
    TGM3 Master MM
    TGM3 Shirase S13
    TGM3 Master GM

    I'm not sure where I'd put the TGM3 categories (this is definitely more of a guess than the others), especially Master MM and Shirase S13. Comparing those is hard because they're so hard for different reasons...My reasoning in what categories to include are as follows.

    TGM2 Master GM GL / TGM3 Master M, play through invisible
    Master GM OL / TGM3 Master MM, play through invisible like a badass
    TGM3 Master GM, Play through invisible like a badass ALL THE TIME

    I'm just trying to judge what I see people consistently hit first.... and I'm only judging Classic on TGM3...I've never touched World in my life either with my joystick or even learning about it, so I'm just going to ignore it!

    This is by no means perfect. In fact, seeing what people hit first might not be a good marker because maybe some people just enjoy playing certain games/modes more. It's all we've got though.
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    Yeah, the list was grounded primarily in my own personal experience with the games. I'll admit I'm a bit biased against Death since it took me a full four years to put down the beast. ;) Actually, my first near miss was no more than a month before my first two Master M and first Master GM performances, so perhaps I ranked it a bit too harshly.

    In all honesty though, I think TGM1 sub-10, Master GM, and Death GM are all a little bit closer to each other than a simple ordered list implies. It's a bit dependent on individual skillset, but I don't feel like any of them is an outrageous leap from one another (short of not having the knack for the peculiarities of invisible play in the case of Master GM).

    And, I'd definitely agree that seeing what people favor and devote the most time to can certainly impact those orderings.
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    Please do!
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    I recently purchased the video and watched Thor's game.

    That is one of the most amazing games of any kind of Tetris that I have seen.O_O

    If Kitaru cannot get permission, it is worth it to buy the video to see it.
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    I love the fact that there's someone knocking at the door like a mad once he reached level 29
  11. Amnesia

    Amnesia Piece of Cake

    Re: [NES] A-Type

    TGM1 GM
    TGM2 Death M
    TGM2 Master M
    TGM3 Master M
    TGM2 Death GM
    TGM3 Shirase S13
    TGM2 Master GM GL
    TGM3 Master MM
    TGM2 Master GM OL
    TGM3 Master GM

    So it is more realistic that way...
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    Got over 500K. Need to start practicing level 19 more.

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    I would really like to be reporting a new high score, but not quite yet. It was my 2nd score in the 700k range though.

    450,895 transition
    200 lines
    8 tetrises at 19 speed

    With that bad transition score, I was happy with the end result. The previous night, I had a game with a good transition but lacking in the high speed play:

    568,147 transition
    175 lines
    3 tetrises at 19 speed

    I had started with level 19 play, and was happy to have 3 games in the 200k range within the first 30 minutes of play. Usually, I'm lucky to get 2 scores reaching 200k during the entire session.
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    I watched your Death video on Hard Drop. That does look like the play is harder than NES.:) Compared to your Maxout video it looks like the last half was a struggle.
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    Looking at my 10 best games I found on youtube, I came up with some neat statistics.

    In my top 5 highest scoring games, I average:
    • Transition Score:460k
    • Final Score:809k
    • Lines: 225
    • 19-29 points scored: 349k
    • Points/Line (19-29): 3,660

    In my top 5 games based on points scored AFTER transition, I average:
    • Transition: 435k
    • Final Score: 788k
    • Lines: 229
    • 19-29 points scored: 352k
    • Points/Line (19-29): 3,575

    In my top 5 games based on points scored BEFORE transition, I average:
    • Transition: 514k
    • Final Score: 787k
    • Lines: 219
    • 19-29 points scored: 273k
    • Points/Line (19-29): 3,060

    I am amazed that the average final score is the same in the both the pre- and post-transition categories. I find it interesting that after I transition at a higher score, I not only score less efficiently (points per line), but I also clear fewer lines as well.

    And the dreamer in me salivates over this:
    If I could combine both of my playing styles into single games, I would theoretically get an average transition of about 515k, and an average post-transition score of about 350k, giving me an average final score of about 865k....And if I could average 865k in my top 5 or ten games, then my theoretical *best* game should be in the neighborhood of 50 to 75k above my avergage :V (930k?!?!?!?)

    Of course, that last part is just non-sense :facepalm:
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    Your findings seem to work with me too Josh - it's very tough to be 'in the zone' for the entire length of the game. Plus, my heart rate shoots up when I know I'm getting to the transition with a good score.

    And speaking of transitions - I had an extremely high one, which followed with total disaster.

    126 lines - 634,240
    130 lines - 658,247

    I believe 658,247 is the transition score? So where did I go after that - a mere 3 lines with a final score of 661,047. >:( & :facepalm:
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    wow, that transition beats my PR for transition by 183 pts and ranks as the second highest on record (although records for that particular thing are poorly kept at best).

    But thats amazing!
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    I am amazed by the idea that *any*one scores significantly higher than 600k for transitions.
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    Hehe - the first thing I did was look up your high transition video to see what yours was. And I even checked your math, just to verify how you calculated transition. Now... is it possible that you had your transition score wrong? I think it's higher than the number you used on the video - otherwise correct me why I'm getting 658,364 for your score (652364 + 6000).

    I suppose I should upload mine. I will have to edit the end of the video, so it's more suitable for younger viewers.

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