Records: [NES NTSC] A-Type

Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Nice! Is something like this also for PAL version?
  2. Nope, not for PAL. But maybe Chris Foryst will do it one day. :)

  3. 2nd maxout which is also a pb.
    Pretty nice.
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  4. Thank you unknown person called Tugi.
  5. 531262 on the old squarebox NES. Unfortunately no capture card. Level 18 start, level 19+8 finish. I do have two pictures though. Is that 126? 253174834_992953418228910_9121043949512293355_n.jpg 252433328_1263254417521934_2810251266773790709_n.jpg
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  6. Got a new PB :)
    1.279.301 (18-29)
  7. Have been taken a bit of a break from Tetris after being burnt out from my first maxout. So somewhat recently gotten back into the game and mostly played lv19, but decided to go for some 18 starts as well about a week ago.

    And here we are. It was a pretty solid game until whatever brainfarts I had at 3:22 / Line 85. That was just plain bad and cost me around 30 lines of burning. Else this would've been easily a 1.1 million. Oh well. Still really happy wit this game.

    Transition Score: 522.668
    Final Score: 1.044.198

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  8. And another maxout. This time not a new PB. Was a pretty good pace at 170 lines with 770.000 points before things not being ideal. Still a pretty smooth game overall.

    Transition Score: 600.226
    Final Score: 1.010.823

  9. Currently still playing mostly level 19, but inbetween I do a few 18 starts and got another Maxout. Overall relatively solid game. Nothing spectacular about it except for one pretty decent lv19 dig.

    Transition Score: 541.932
    Final Score: 1.022.630

  10. Pretty solid game. Normally this would be a pb if I didn't do an unrecorded Maxout a few days ago in Tetris Effect which was around 1.06 million. Still getting there of becoming more consistent in scoring high

    Transition Score: 556.147
    Final Score: 1.047.591


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