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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. New lines PB, starting from level 18 — a half way to level 30.

    game 36587 – top out.png

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  2. Name: tetrisboyo / Kdenye
    Score: 999999 (1 000 232)
    Starting level: 18 - 29
    Played on mesen
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  3. Name: Eris
    Score: 999999 (1028500)
    Maxed At: 219 Lines
    Lines Cleared: 232
    Starting Level: 18
    Played On: NES + CRT + Controller

    A nasty phantom tap at 219 lines killed the 1.1 million by losing DAS, but that's okay. :)
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  4. Greetings! I just managed to get my highest score yet: 446,621!

    I had to register to submit this one for the list. This was via emulator (Mesen) starting on level 9.

    Now the true training begins!

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  5. Name: kiwbi
    just scored a new highscore of 695060

    scored on emulator (FceuMM)

    video link:

    need to get aggressive on 19+!
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