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  1. First 700k. :)

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  2. Updated. Please let me know if you see any issues.

    As a reminder, this is an "earliest max" leaderboard; if you use the score submission form, please enter the information shown at the time of max. (e.g.: If you max at Level 27 with a tetris at 218 lines, enter that. Please do not enter that the game ended at Level 29 with 23X lines if you maxed earlier than that.)

    (This is also an NES Tetris leaderboard; please do not enter scores for or other unrelated games. ;) )

    That said, when the information is entered in the form correctly, it helped speed through the process immensely. Thanks to everyone for giving it a try, and thanks again to everyone that posts their scores here in this thread with all relevant info in a nicely organized format. :)

    @Atze-Peng: I saw that you requested that your latest Level 19 PB not be added to the ranking, so I did not add this or your previous PB to my list. Please let me know if you would like them to be added.
  3. Code:
    29--furious programming-- 999,999 - 27+5.00 - EMU (18)
    @Kitaru: this is a mistake — my best and only max out is submitted here.

    I had 227 lines and 970.*** points — don't know exactly, so lets take the worst scenario, a 970.999 points. I hit a tetris, so the post max out score is 1.006.999 and the post max out level is 29. Using your calculations, the real max out result is 29+0.22 and this value should be used. I have to fix data in that post, because I used wrong level id to calculate post max out score (ok, done).

    Later I wrote another post and showed a screenshot, but I didn't get to the max out. This post is not a new record submission, but only a demonstration that it could have happened if I had received one more longbar. ;)

    So please, fix it. Thank you!
  4. @furious programming Makes sense, just a data entry mistake. Not sure why I entered another 999,999 there. Thanks for catching it. :) I'll correct that row so it shows the intended second-best score.

    The worst case scenario would in fact be 970,000, as it is further from a max and as such benefits less from the fractional line rule. It's how I have it entered in the spreadsheet already, and will be reflected in the first post shortly.

    EDIT: Now to figure out what the hell the data entry or score script did to give B14NK a max-out pace of 24+10.0...
    EDIT2: B14NK's score is a 24+9.998, and the way the scoreboard printing function is choosing to limit decimal precision caused it to round up to a questionable 10.00. I'll think about what I want to do about it, the quick hack fix is to just increase the decimal precision. :p
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  5. Yeah, this is right. Another mistake — this time mine...

    Not bad solution. ;)
  6. I chose to fix it by rounding the result during the fractional line calculation so the level adjustment occurs correctly right then and there. B14NK's score now displays as exactly Level 25.0 with the current decimal precision.
  7. This should be my last laptop/emulator record! I've just figured out my NES.
    Score: 640124
    Level 18 start, level 19 finish (~611K transition)
    Hardware: laptop and emulator

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  8. Thanks for the consideration and generally for the hard work. I will probably go harder on 19 once I managed to get the maxout. When I can reach killscreen on 19 start while remaining to score, I will write in the other thread. Probably somewhere in fall I should be getting there and aiming for highscores on 19 starts.

    Well, it is July and still no maxout. Tough luck, but I am still struggling to get a clean post-transition done. I do warm up on 19 and then usually play until I get around two 600k transitions, but yeah. On the bight side, I did improve my transition highscore twice:

    677.419 Points:

    695.999 Points:

    So yeah, the maxout should be coming relatively soon.
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  9. Name: Emmanuel Solera
    Country: France
    Score: 607227 (Level 9 Start, 19 End, 194 Lines)
    Date: 13/07/2020
    Hardware: Emulator (Nestopia) with Hyperkin controller

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  10. Another chance to huge max out. Killed by drought. :(

    game 31319 – trns 19.png game 31319 – top out.png game 31319 – stats.png
  11. Over 825,420 at lvl 28, was my second lvl 28 game, now time to go for 900k, in case you wonder since my TV is European it displays the ntsc signal in black and white :D 20200709_125609.jpg
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  12. [​IMG]
    Hopefully first 500k soon. I'm so close.
    Starting level 9.
  13. I did it!


    Starting level 9. 201 lines.
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  14. New PB by exactly 4.262 points. What a gamer !
    Honestly, it could have easily been a maxout, but I did some major fuckups along the way. On the bright side I was reasonably fortunate at the end when taking relatively high risks to get a better score.

    Transition: 618.000 points
    Score: 952.775 points (don't need to bother updating for those 4000 points)

    I do have the maxout trainer maxout, though:

    Edit: In two weeks my NTSC NES will arrive. Until then I finally want to have the maxout so I can try to maxout on the console.
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  15. Playing on the actual console is slightly easier, so even if you don't maxout on PC, it will go to console for sure (sooner than later). Unless the RNG… ;)
  16. So I've heard. It also arrived yesterday. Still I want to max out on Emulator first, because of the slightly different timings on there.

    Also got myself a new PB with 19 start. Crushed my previous one by over 150k and was on pace to 800+ until two decisive misdrops. Anyhow. Pretty happy with those 659.965 points on a 19 start.

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  17. New lines PB, starting from level 18 — a half way to level 30.

    game 36587 – top out.png

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  18. Name: tetrisboyo / Kdenye
    Score: 999999 (1 000 232)
    Starting level: 18 - 29
    Played on mesen
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  19. Name: Eris
    Score: 999999 (1028500)
    Maxed At: 219 Lines
    Lines Cleared: 232
    Starting Level: 18
    Played On: NES + CRT + Controller

    A nasty phantom tap at 219 lines killed the 1.1 million by losing DAS, but that's okay. :)
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  20. Greetings! I just managed to get my highest score yet: 446,621!

    I had to register to submit this one for the list. This was via emulator (Mesen) starting on level 9.

    Now the true training begins!

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