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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Two new PBs in one session! My first 600k, finally.
    Name: Eddie (eddietheintern)
    Score: 604688
    Level 18 start, level 21 finish
    Hardware: laptop and emulator

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  2. almost new pb.png

    One tetris and new personal record — two levels earlier than in the current PB. But the longbar did't appear... I was a bit late taking the screenshot. ;)
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  3. 621622!
    Name: Eddie
    Level 18 start, level 21 finish
    Hardware: laptop and emulator

    Quarantine is good for Tetris grinding, apparently.

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  4. Fuck yes. I thought I may go through this month without a PB improvement when my aim was to get at least really close to the 900k mark and now this:


    Transition Score: 568845
    Final Score: 948513


    Super happy with this game. Good pace (albeit I had transition scores 100k higher), but pretty smooth gameplay overall. A bit lucky with pieces, some good digs. All in all 10/10 - would do again.
    Additionally this is my first killscreen. Yes, I play pretty aggressive with points. If I wanted I naturally could've killscreened by just playing things safe.

    Either way. Maxout, I'm aiming for you in may.
  5. New to NES Tetris but I'm pretty good at modern tetris:

    Name: ImColm
    Level: 15 start, 16 finish, exactly 100 lines
    Hardware: emu
    Final Score: 192351

    Slow and steady progress. I'm currently starting at level 15. Died at level 16 here because I didn't think I was anywhere near 100 lines.
  6. 623573!
    Name: Eddie (eddietheintern)
    Level 18 start, level 19 finish (crazy high transition for me)
    Hardware: laptop and emulator
    I got an NES for my birthday, so now I'll get to start using some real hardware!

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  7. First 700k. :)

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