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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

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    Yep, just release on the appropriate column. There are 6 frames (1/10th second duration) between DAS shifts. You can also apply wall finesse to help overshooting certain moves -- DAS all the way to the wall, return the d-pad to neutral, then rotate. You can use this method to place an I-piece vertically in column 3 or column 9, an L-piece "sharp" in column 9 or "dull" in column 2, etc.. You won't have to worry about the piece overshooting and reaching the wall because it will already be at a complete stop when you finalize things by making the rotation.

    The other thing to consider is that there are ways to recover if you do happen to slip up. The same mechanic that assists in sliding under overhangs also can help you recover your DAS charge -- trying to move into an obstruction instantly sets your DAS counter to the full 16 frames. If you lose your charge but are placing by the wall or a notch in the playfield, you can tap against it right before lockdown to top off your DAS and ensure you're prepped and ready to go for the next piece. If you can't do that on the very piece that caused the loss of momentum, keep it in mind for the next few -- place within your means considering the loss of DAS, and promptly get things up to speed again by any means that present themselves.
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    Thanks, Kitaru. I get it now.....but it's still very difficult. I guess that's why I keep torturing myself o_O


    This was level 20 + 6 lines, started on level 15.
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    Right on, looks like 500k is just around the corner. :) By the way, are those bottom entries Level 19 practice runs? :o With or without tetrises, that kind of survival would be awesome for your overall record if you can string things together.
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    No, just level 18. I just make lines as fast as I can to get to the transition. 80 lines on Level 19 is my best so far.
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    Gotcha, makes sense -- practicing 19 with real transition conditions I take it?

    80 lines of Level 19 is great though -- definitely the kind of survival to strive for. :) Even if you can't maintain tetrises, getting most of the way to the kill-screen from a reasonably strong transition should give you a healthy overall score.
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    Double posting for an important update: we have a sixth confirmed max-out! Eli posted a picture of his score and will be uploading a video soon. For now, I have him in the sixth position with Level 29 + ? lines, but I'll calculate his max-out point and re-sort as necessary. (It's a bit fuzzy at the top anyway, given that there may be better max-out rates that were not recorded.)

    Also, I calculated Thor's max-out point from his landmark Level 19 max-out + Level 30 achievement game. The preparation for weathering the kill-screen actually prevents him from maxing out at an earlier line! :o It's the only known game he has recorded, so we'll have to go with it. :)

    EDIT: Did the max-out point calculation for Eli's game. Also, I made a correction on the math for Thor's -- I accidentally added a line of progress before max-out (or rather, forgot to subtract it). I need to make a spreadsheet or write a program to do this to ensure no mistakes are made.
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    Kitaru, just a suggestion: do you think it would be possible to add links to videos of the highscores where they exist, like we have for the TAP Death thread?
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    New high for me! I get to move up to the 700's. :)

    The bad news is that my ipod was on extremely low batteries during the game, and sure enough, it died. Plus, if it does that during a recording, the video is lost, so I don't even get to look back on part of my game. After the conclusion, I went ahead and charged it so I could at least get a photo, and I made sure to look at the lines before my game ended.

    750,325 with 203 lines.

    BONUS - I uploaded an entertaining video of a game I had earlier in the night. I botched an easy tuck, and my stack looked absolutely terrible. Then it got worse. And then POOF, it was all cleared up. Check it out:

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    Yes, certainly. :) I added video links for records currently on the board.

    I also made a few score updates based on info from other channels (Facebook, etc.).
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    fuck you, level 19



    fuck you
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    Congratulations to Eli on the Max Out. Awesome!

    rizz - watched the video, pretty cool B), looks like one of my games........except for the clearing up part.
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    A few questions:

    - How well does Nullpomino's Retro Marathon simulate this game? I heard that in the first few versions it was terribly inaccurate, but I think in later versions they implemented many of this game's nuances like wall charging and the DAS/ARE relationship mechanics.
    - Kitaru, do you have a video of Thor's killscreen pass? If you do, could you upload it to Youtube?
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    I was a little humbled after seeing how good everyone was at the tournament, but my scores are getting there.


    Start at Level 18 - Did not see the number of lines
    Thanks to Kitaru for his advice.:) (Made it to level 26 a few games later)
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    maxout :)

    i belive it happened at 28 + 8.7424 lines.

    But... now that i know that the points for tetris are awarded for the level you end up on and not the level you start on it may change the math here slightly, but it may also change it for everyone so i leave that to kitaru.
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    Congrats! Enjoy your NES day of infinite happiness :D
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    @Ben: Congratulations!! :D Finally that max-out won't be hanging over your head. When do you start playing TGM? ;)

    I'll verify the scoring behavior and recalculate everything when I get a chance.

    @getzie: No problem, congrats on the improvement! :)

    @Zowayix: Other than one really obtuse DAS trick, the movement mechanics in Nullpomino 7.5 should be correct. The variable nature of ARE/Line Clear is not implemented -- for example, Retro Marathon's ARE is a static 10 frames, which corresponds to the length of ARE when a piece is placed at the very bottom of the playfield in NES Tetris.

    Thor's Level 30 video is on the Ecstasy of Order DVD as a bonus feature. I'd want to ask for permission from Adam and Thor before rehosting it. At any rate, I've left my copy of the movie at home -- most inconvenient given the recalculation I need to do for the leaderboard!
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    @Kitaru: Thanks!

    What obtuse DAS trick are you referring to? The only ones I know are wall charge/tech recover and skill stopping to keep the charge active, both of which AFAIK are in Nullpomino.

    Would you mind asking permission? I would love to see it; apparently it is on Youtube but in a private video.

    Also, would I be allowed to post scores from Nullpomino here if they were marked that they came from Nullpomino? My current best is a crappy ~300k from level 15, but I'm improving!
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    I've been calling it "Red Fireball" due to the similarity in input to Ryu's immolating hadouken in Super Turbo. Diagonal input not only prevents soft dropping, it also "mutes" the frame on which left/right are initially pressed -- no tap shift means no DAS loss. For example, you could tech recover DAS from an obstruction to the left, then input down-left (prevents soft drop because down was not a unique input), down, down-right (prevents tap shift and DAS loss because right was not a unique input), then right -- all-in-all, you immediately begin DASing away from the wall from a dead-stop. Technically the only required inputs would have been left (tech to full DAS), down-right (mute tap shift), and right (apply stored DAS), but rolling all the way around is probably the best for consistency of input.

    I can give it a shot.

    I'd prefer NES, clone system, or emulator scores to guarantee a consistent set of rules and behaviors. Fan games may be an option in the future, but ideally they'd be functionally compatible with the original game rules.
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    Congratulations Ben!

    That is a fantastic accomplishment!:)
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    How hard would you rank a max-out in NES Tetris compared to the following TGM achievements?

    - TGM1 GM
    - TGM1 GM under 10 mins
    - TGM2 Master M
    - TGM2 Death M
    - TGM2 Death GM
    - TGM2 Master GM

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