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  1. @Adonis Mouse: I have nowhere to go, so I'm sitting here. At least for now. ;)
  2. After a 4 months break I got back into it a week ago. Eventually got a few 150k+ lv19 starts and now a new PB + line-record (going to 193 while continuing to score). I did play pretty safe after transition and eventually messed up my board with a short z-burst and an unnecessary misdrop.
    In the end it's only a 16000 improvement, but hey. You take what you can get. And sorry for the pause inbetween. I changed my playlist. If it invalidates the score, np.

    Transition Score: 602329
    Final Score: 740047

    Also generally getting a lot better to adjust my risk-taking as well as dealing with the transition pace-change. At this point I can do relative consistent 500k+ transitions.
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  3. 714k transition,
    max out at 184 lines ish. Maybe 184.58?
  4. This leaderboard is only for earliest maxouts right? I maxed on 26 the other day, but I'm not sure how to calculate the exact fraction of a line clear
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  5. And 2 days after another small improvement in my PB. I think this was even maxout pace until I messed up and if I was better on 19 :p

    Overall am pretty happy with this game - minus the topping out. Had some nasty spots and/or blockdrops that I got through quite cleanly. On 18 and on 19. Especially the post-transition clean-up and the dirty tetris on 19 was pretty neat.

    Transition Score: 599777
    Final Score: 754940

    Edit: During warming up some on 19 today - so I didn't record, yet - I managed to get 361.671 on a lv19 start with ~120 lines. Thats 105.000 more than my previous lv19 personal best.
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  6. Guys I got the Hong Kong's first lv 19 maxout last week PogChamp
    I guess I'm holding a WR now am I haha
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  7. Here's an excel calculator I made to do that:

    Classic Tetris Maxout Calculator

    So I make yours 26+7.499.
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  8. Yep. And woulda been WR without the burns before the maxout tetris.
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  9. Name: Eris
    Country: Switzerland
    Score: 1'021'380 Points (Level 18-29)
    Lines: 237
    Style: DAS + Original Hardware (CRT + Controller)
  10. Amazing reaction Eris! And 237 lines?!?

    Nice. :D
  11. Stacy told me in purrson at CTWC 2019 that she maxed out several times at home, but doesn't record any of her runs. Also, Rory, thanks for your comment. :)
  12. This is my new NTSC PB.
    Name: Mark
    Country: Germany
    Score: 995240 (Lvl. 18-29)
    Style: Hybrid
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)
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  13. [​IMG]

    Small improvement in PB from level 9 start, slowly getting the hang of level 19 a little bit
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  14. Updated. Also, offering this Google Form as another method for making score submissions to this thread. You can continue to make posts here as well, but I wanted to try out the form to see if it helps streamline the data entry process.
  15. I got in touch with Stacy and she says she first maxed out about four years ago, and maxes about once a month. She also sent me photos showing her scores. :)
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  16. I did get a photo of an endscreen from Stacy, so I added a score with no level/line information. If you happen to have a score that indicates an earlier level/line, let me know and I can get it added. I'll also ping her to let her know about it.
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  17. Well, I am Maxout player no. 113 now :)
    Name: Mark
    Country: Germany
    Score: 999999 (1.045.060 with post calculation)
    Date: 10th of March, 2020
    Style: Hybrid
    Played on Emulator (Nestopia)
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  18. No new record — I just want to show the beauty of the RNG-Troll.


    The difference between T and O pieces are just fabulous.
  19. 77, 66, 99, 88.

    Impressive. lol

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