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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. Something I don't understand: Harry says he was the first person to "officially" max out in 2009 - but there's a video of Jonas maxing out that was uploaded to Trey's youtube channel in November 2006:

    What's wrong with this video? Why wasn't it recognised?
  2. Sorry again for posting again, but PB's happen when they happen, sometimes insanely often, sometimes not for a year. This was - once again - a pretty fast new PB.

    Name: Eris
    Score: 905'740 (18-27, 212 Lines)
    Date: Aug 20th, 2019
    Hardware: NES + CRT + Controller
    Country: Switzerland
  3. Name: galoomba
    Country: Slovenia
    Score: 1,211,460 (999,999 at 187.65 lines, topout at 230 lines)
    Date: 2019-08-16
    Hardware: Emulator (FCEUX), keyboard
    Video: (embedding gives a 404 error)
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  4. Name: Dan Chilton (bjork24)
    Country: USA
    City: Springfield
    Score: 912,661 (Level 18 start, 27 end)
    Date: 08/25/2019
    Hardware: NES

    The tips I learned during the Southern Qualifier have really helped. Hopefully I can max before Portland!

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  5. Name: Alejo Gacioppo
    Country: Argentina
    Score: 999999 at 201 lines, 987k at 197 lines
    Date: August 25
    Hardware: Emulator
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  6. it wasn't recognized in the Guiness world records because there wasn't a camera to show the console + video quality wasn't great.
    tbf harry's video quality isn't any better, but TL;DR it was because it wasn't recognized by Guiness world records (lol) that it isn't "official"

    Nowadays of course our standards have relaxed in some ways and tightened in others. For e.g, an emulator maxout, especially with keyboard in 2005 would have been considered not official but now you could use retroarch + runahead + keyboard + crt to get an "easier" game than console and maxout and no one would blink an eyelid.

    In fact there's a video of Jonas 19 maxing before Harry 18 maxed.
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  7. Name: Emmanuel Solera
    Country: France
    Score: 523 079 (Level 10 Start, 19 End, 180 Lines)
    Date: 31/08/2019
    Hardware: Emulator (Nestopia) with Hyperkin controller

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  8. Finally got past my emulator PB on my NES!
    Name: Rhys
    Country: USA
    Score: 569860, level 18 start, 146 lines
    Hardware: NES
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  9. Boom! I finally got that 15 to 19 500k I've been craving. Wasn't so amazing up to 'transition' - I had a game earlier where I hit 414k by 99 lines, and this one was about 60k down on that - but 16 to 18 was solid. Then 19 took me by surprise and I didn't get as many as I should have done. But, what the hey, I've been wanting this for months. Level 15 days are finally over. :)

    Tetris 548k.png

    Name: Rory
    Country: UK (living in Sweden)
    Score: 548,831 (15 start, 19 finish, 136 lines)
    Hardware: OpenEmu on a MacBook Air, keyboard
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  10. Hiya! I'm playing on Nestopia with a cheap USB NES controller.
    Name: Andre N
    Score: 564840
    Comment: EMU (18 )

    Here's a clip of a 542960 (15 start) that has the 564840 on the score screen.
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  11. Name: Simba
    Score: 999.999 (lv 26 + 6.54)
    Date: Aug 11th, 2019
    Hardware: Emu + NES Controller
    Country: Italy

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