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Thread in 'Competition' started by Kitaru, 24 Feb 2012.

  1. DLo


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  2. i know my highest is 1.197. jani can verify since he did the math, not me lol
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  3. Name: ZefanyaNenu (Nenu)
    Score: 999,999 (1,095,020) Level 18 Start
    Date: 06/28/2019
    Hardware: NES Emulator (Mesen)
    Country: Indonesia

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  4. I got a tip to try Mesen and it runs noticeably smoother than FCEUX on my computer: and scores have been much better the last few days since getting that.

    High score now 475k. Shoulda got 500 really - got 530+ on some re-runs - but I went to pieces once I hit 400k. Musta been big game nerves. ;)

    I think I'll stay on 15 till I get the half-mill and then quit it for good, and move up to the ol' 18 start and go back to being rubbish.

    Some people think he's Thor, but that doesn't seem right to me. I heard he's going to the Arizona qualifying. Watching some of his games on Twitch, I'm not sure there's a cleaner, smoother player than the mysterious Tyler P.
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  5. You're underplaying that. 47 lines, Level 23, and 98,000 points is a little better than "surviving some lines". ;)

    I got about 40 lines once. But only by clearing one at a time. Never had more than one Tetris in a 19 game. Better start practicin'!

    I'm imagining it, right? Just a combination of inability and wishful thinking? ;)

  6. That looks like the right speed for level 19 - 30Hz drop
  7. Thanks.
  8. Name: Dan Chilton (bjork24)
    Country: USA
    City: Springfield
    Score: 749,256 (Level 18 start, 26 end)
    Date: 07/04/2019
    Hardware: NES

    Slowly but surely working my way to 800k before the qualifier in Dallas next month

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  9. Yeah. I am somewhat competitive and failing Lv19 after max 10 lines constantly is kinda demotivating. The 47 lines was quite the exception plus playing fairly risk-averse. But it's slowly reaching the point I get more and more comfortable with 19 and thus I managed to have a new PB. My main issue for now is either stupid misdrops when DAS barely isn't enough OR more often than that I end up fucking up in situations that are new to my brain and I take a split second too long to think, thus I react too slowly, misdrop and then it becomes a chain of unfortunate events. My Lv19 PB is the best example for that. With this PB I also have a theoretical 900k with my best 18 and 19 combined.(please don't put this into the lv19 leaderboard)

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  10. Name: Alejo Gacioppo (Alejodios)
    Score: 778679 (Level 18 start, level 27 end 20190710_004305.png )
    Country: Argentina
    Hardware: Emulator
    Date: 7/10/2019
  11. 637.376 transition and I choke it like an idiot with 2 stupid post-transition misdrops in a row. This should've reached over the 700k mark. So essentially my pb of best 18 and 19 (the one from 10 days ago) right now is 8000 points short of 900k.

  12. At least that Tetris would have been 661376 points. Well played still, nice transy!

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